Substance abuse or harmful use where do we draw a line?

When a person uses illicit drugs or consumes alcohol, it results in harmful effects in the brain. They are psychoactive substances which affects the central nervous system. The mortality rate is high in illicit drug users than someone who dies due to other illnesses. The substance use becomes substance abuse when they are completely dependent on it and feels the urge to use it repeatedly and unable to control themselves abstaining from it.

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We deal with many patients who are under substance abuse. Invariably all substance abusers give one or other reasons listed below:

  • For pleasure.

  • To relax themselves from stress, depression and feeling loneliness.

  • Peer pressure.

  • They are just dependent on drugs.

  • They just can’t come out of substance use.

At our de-addiction centre in Pune, we patiently hear the patient’s problem, counsel them, treat them, and finally rehabilitate them to start a new lease of life.

Because of using drugs and drinking alcohol, not only their physical health, but also the mental health of the patient is severely affected. When is the right time to think again about substance use and when should a substance abuser or harmful user approach us for de-addiction? To find it out, answer all the questions listed below:

Are you giving more importance in doing drugs than about social gatherings, office meetings or meeting your friends?

Are you refraining from the family responsibilities? For instance, is your urge for alcohol consumption or drugs is more than spending time or assisting your kids with their homework?

Whether your work and career, which were earlier considered by you as very much important, has now become secondary?

Have you noticed your behavioral change in recent times? Are you not as cordial as you were earlier?

In spite of being aware of the ill-effects of substance abuse, do you still use it? Do you justify and compromise yourself about the intake quantity?

Are you harming someone under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs and still have not thought about stopping it?

Have you started to lie terribly even to your family and close friends?

Most importantly, are you completely refraining from involving in the activities, which you once considered as your hobby or a passion?

If the answer to any of the questions listed above is ‘YES’, then it is high time you approach us for treatment. If you think treatment will not help as you have crossed all stages, then Think again. This can be cured at any stage. At our de-addiction centre in Pune, Dr. Manish Bajpayee who has vast experience in psychological and mental health issues, takes care of complete rehabilitation process including counseling and therapy until the patient turns his book of life to a new page.

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