Panic Attacks!

Have you ever experienced sudden fear out of the blue without any particular reason to fear? Whether your heart pounds and is there a feeling of shortness of breath and dizziness? It may be in a shopping mall, in the middle of the road, at your home, inside the car or at any place. Everything around you is quite normal but you are unable to cope up. This may be a panic attack sometimes wrongly assumed as heart attack. Though by medical examinations one can rule out physical illness, then it is important to concentrate on your mental health. When one suffers from panic attack, it is high time to meet a well-known and experienced psychiatrist in Pune to address this issue.

psychiatrist in Pune

Psychiatrist in Pune

Symptoms of panic attack

  • An irregular heartbeat
  • Severe sweating and shortness of breath
  • Trembling and dizziness
  • Not able to relate with the world around you.
  • Chest pain
  • Fear of dying
  • Loss of self-control
  • Nausea and numbness
  • Uneasy feeling in the stomach or abdomen area

Panic attack and Panic disorder

  • Panic attack may occur at any time – day or even at night while asleep.
  • Panic attack mostly lasts for 5 to 25 minutes and more than that is quite rare.
  • When panic attack is not treated at appropriate time, it may lead to panic disorder. So initial experiences should be reported to an experienced psychiatrist.
  • Panic attack may be a onetime attack or may recur at any point of time. Sometimes, it may occur at the same place where it was experienced earlier.
  • Sufferers may fear another attack and abstain from going out to places that trigger the symptoms.
  • Repeated panic attacks may lead to problems like agoraphobia where one is afraid of open and public spaces. They fear that immediate help may not be available. From theatres to public transportation, from airplane to elevators, sufferers fear to go to any of these places.
  • The victims of panic attack mostly feel safe at home with someone around as they may also experience monophobia.

What can be done?

Apart from losing self-confidence, they also face personal and professional problems. Their normal life gets completely affected.  The good news is panic attacks are curable with the help of a psychiatrist. People should not be embarrassed in disclosing the problem to family members or doctors. With the help of the doctor and moral support from family, one can easily overcome this problem and lead a normal life.

Is there treatment available?

Yes, treatment is indeed available. As this is a problem related with mental health, getting an appointment with an experienced and an expert psychiatrist in this field is necessary. Your psychiatrist will analyze and determine the reasons and consider a therapy or treatment. As the reasons for panic attack vary from genetics to depression, the treatment methodology also varies.

Treatment can be done through psychotherapy or by medications. While cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation therapy are suggested to lower the anxiety level and fear, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are given to treat depression and anxiety. Your psychiatrist is the best judge to provide you with proper and appropriate treatment.

Dr. Manish Bajpayee, leading psychiatrist in Pune, suggests that proper sleep, avoiding alcohol consumption, avoiding  nicotine and caffeine related products, less stress at work, more physical activities, meditation, good and healthy food are some of the self-care tips that should be followed  along with medication for speedy recovery.

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