Difference Between Physical & Psychological Addiction

When you google and search for Marijuana, you are presented with thousands of articles that only contradict each other. Some blogs say that certain drugs are not addictive and some say that they are indeed dangerous.

Most of the factual content related to drugs only relies on the physical addiction caused by it and forget about the more serious matters of psychological addictions. So, don’t get misleaded by wrong information and consult experienced psychiatrist in Pune – Dr. Manish Bajpayee to learn about the effects of the drug.

Let’s look at the distinction between physical and psychological addiction and their probable remedies.

Physical Addiction

When your body is relying too much on a substance or drug, that your cells can no longer function with it, then you are subject to a physical addiction. So, once the body is exhausted of such substances, physical withdrawal symptoms of shakes, chills, nausea, body or headache, vomiting, etc. kicks in. In order to return to a normal state, you end up taking another dose to end the misery.

Treatments for Physical Addiction

It is often easier to treat as opposed to psychological addictions which are more binding. Physical addictions are treated by means of a detoxification process. This process should be undertaken under medical supervision and typically takes anywhere from a few days to a week. Taking detox will lead to weaning the body off the substance and in turn, you will not experience negative withdrawal symptoms like before.

Psychological Addiction

In essence, this addiction relates to the matters of the mind and is more dangerous than its physical counterpart.

It occurs when you think you cannot live without the drug and it becomes very compulsive that all you think about is getting another dose of it. You can be psychologically addicted to not just drugs, but anything like chocolate, video games, TV and more.

There are no inherent physical symptoms of this, but it becomes a superficial need of your life. For instance, anti-depressant drugs like ecstasy or a sleeping dose becomes the central focus of your life and without it, you will not feel like doing anything. It becomes an all-consuming thought of your life.

Treatments for Psychological Addiction

Detox can be used to deter your body’s desire of the substance, but it certainly does not alleviate the urges of your mind. Even though your body does not require it, your mental urge for another round will still exist.

The best treatment for psychological addiction is de-addiction programs of rehabilitation. Visit the best de addiction center in Pune to get rid of your psychological temptations. Educative and interactive sessions of coping skills or techniques are taught at rehabilitation centers.

In order to, overcome the addiction and avoid the urges, this sort of preventive plan of action is essential. You will learn to deny your internal desires and finally be cured at the best rehabilitation centers.

Once you leave the de addiction center, it is essential to develop friendships with people who are on the same path and if you are having any issues, know where to reach out to. No matter what your addiction is, approaching it the right way and having access to the right tools will help you overcome it.


Whatever your addiction may be, accepting it and working towards overcoming it is important. So, if you think you are addicted to any substance visit Manish Bajpayee Clinic, the best psychiatrist in Pune and one of the top de addiction centers in Pune.

Root out all your problems and come out of your physical and psychological addictions with flying colors. You are not alone in this battle and rehabilitation centers act as a great support network that you can reach out to anytime.

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