Differences Between Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology

In Psychology, the two most commonly used jargons are Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology. The difference between the two is often puzzling as researchers and practitioners under each profession perform similar work and in a number of cases both the approaches are used in tandem with each other as a probable solution.

The difference between the two fields of psychology are dated back to olden days, but more recently the distinct lines between clinical and counselling psychology have steadily faded. Many recommend a merger of them, as both of them are devised to cater to same benefits.

We at Manish Bajpayee Clinic, one of the best psychological counsellors in Pune, will throw some light on the difference between these two distinct fields of psychology.

Clinical Psychology

This aspect of psychology deals with care, diagnosis and treatment of a person who has conditions of medical disorder, abnormal behaviour, emotional disorders and other psychiatric disorders. Clinical psychology is mostly used as a generic term to refer to psychologists and counselling psychology is hidden behind the fore.

Clinical psychologists use different psychological approaches, depending on different scenarios and clinically treat patients. They also help the patient to implement behavioural modification programs to help them achieve their goals.

Counselling Psychology

They play a more of a counsellor’s role and consult, advice and deliberate with patients. They understand the patient’s issue, hold sessions with them and identify probable solutions to incorporate in their life. They help the patients with different issues they face in their home, work, marriage and community.

Counselling psychologists are proactive and possess an innate ability to help people share their problems, recognize their prime issues and work with them to straighten up their issues. Their skill cannot be understated, considering how people can be reluctant to open up their issues.

Differences between Clinical and Counselling Psychology


  • Going back to traditions, clinical involves a care-based focus provided to a sick patient and counselling involves vocational guidance and advice
  • Counselling Psychology requires a more holistic and cross-cultural training to help patients, but clinical psychology relies more on psychopathology training
  • Clinical psychologists typically pursue Psy.D degrees that require research and dissertation work, whereas counselling psychologists take up Ph.D in Psychology or  M.Sc Psychology
  • Counselling psychology stresses on overall wellbeing throughout our life while clinical psychology address specific psychiatric problems that the patients might face at a given time
  • Both clinical and counselling psychologists are licensed commonly as psychologists and are most of the time employed to work together
  • Clinical psychologists provide psychotherapy and counselling psychologists provide vocational guidance
  • Counselling psychology consider normal problems. On the other hand clinical psychology consider specific problems of mental health
  • Clinical psychologists work with more seriously disturbed population and are trained for a projective analysis, but counselling psychologists work with relatively less pathological population and are trained to undertake subjective analysis
  • Counselling psychologists are employed in universities and counselling centers, but clinical psychologists are employed more in hospitals, medical schools and private practices


To conclude, clinical and counselling psychology might not have so many differences and are often applied together in many different ways. Some people who study psychology end up as counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists. To make it even more challenging, some use both the principles of psychotherapy and counselling to treat patients.

Visit a physiatrist, if you thing you are facing a grave problem in life. No matter what their field of expertise is, psychiatrists are trained to do their job well. Manoj Bajpayee Clinic is a leading psychiatrist in Pune that helps their patient achieve the right balance in their life. They apply both principles of Clinical and Counselling psychology to approach any type of scenarios.

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