The Role of Meditation in Enhancing Your Mental Health

Meditation, the age old practice in several parts of Asia, has slowly made inroads in every nook and corner of this world. And the complete credit for meditation being embraced by people of all walks rests with its ability to play a positive role in human mind and find calmness. Few minutes of focused meditation help not only to relieve stress but also assist in treating many other psychological ailments, says a famous psychologist in Pune.

Scientists and research scholars all over the world have been seriously engaged in exploring effective non-pharmacological options to prevent and treat mental illness. As meditation has huge say in the functioning of brain, it promises to be a viable and efficient alternative to control mood, emotions, and even stress. So what and how exactly meditation brings about change in mental health? Let us find out!

Meditation and brain

  • It is known fact that positive mood of an individual is controlled by the left side activity of brain and precisely this is where meditation makes its impact. Yes, the frontal left side portion of the brain gets activated with meditation and thereby also shows positive improvements in immunity system. The reason is quite simple – left brain is also linked with immune systems of the body.
  • Research has proved that regular and sustained practice of meditation leads to reduced activity in certain brain regions that are linked with ADHD, anxiety and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Further in the same research it is shown that brain areas associated with brain control and self-monitoring gets triggered and thereby produces positive results in the recovery process of schizophrenia and autism.

The positive side of meditation does not stop here, ascertains a renowned psychiatrist in Pune. A research study on meditation clearly depicts its ability to alleviate depression and post-traumatic stress disorder by moderating heart rate, controlling hormone release and thereby limiting the response of the body to stress related issues. Isn’t it wonderful?

Benefits of meditation

  • Reduction in anxiety and depression due to good balance of neuro-chemical system
  • Ability to indulge in critical thinking and thereby  arrive at better conclusions
  • Detaches unhealthy habits that have negative effect not only of physical conditions but also on psychological health
  • Encourages thought process

Meditation or medication

Scientific research has not yet fully arrived at the complete benefits of meditation and hence under present circumstances it is not possible and definitely not advisable to replace medication with meditation. But that being said, practicing psychologist in Pune and other parts of the world have gradually started to acknowledge its positive effect and hence it is no wonder, several cognitive behavioral therapy gets assistance from meditation to prevent the recurrence of depression.

It has been an age old belief that meditation improves belief, happiness and encourages focus. But it is only since the recent past, it is getting its due attention and recognition, opines a reputed psychological counselor in Pune. If you would like to know how meditation along with cognitive behavioral therapy can help to cure depression, anxiety and stress or explore other options to cure mental illness, please schedule an appointment at our clinic.

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