How CBT Works For Social Anxiety Disorder ?

It was during the last decade of the earlier century, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) achieved massive acceptance among mental health practitioners and since then, there has been no turning back. Especially while treating the patients for anxiety disorders, CBT has become a boon, assures a renowned psychological counselor in Pune. But why it is so and how come CBT offers better results than traditional talk therapy or medication? To answer these questions, it is of paramount importance to know what exactly is CBT and how does it work? Let’s dive into the details right away!

What is CBT?

In the first place, it should be understood is that CBT is neither a quick fix solution nor a random treatment that has popped out of thin air. It has evolved out of solid and massive research for almost half a century starting from 1950’s. Well, as the name suggests CBT is a combination of two aspects:

  • Cognitive part of therapy: This refers to the repetitive thinking, learning, and practicing of new thoughts, information, skills, and concepts, very much similar to that of our school education, so that the memory process and neural pathways get altered and induces flow of new thoughts.
  • Behavioral part of therapy: This involves participation in practical and mild anxiety-inducing activities along with similar anxiety disorders and learns the methodologies to proceed forward in a systematic way. Again, thanks to the repetitive procedures, patients build confidence and are most likely to experience less social anxiety in real time situations.

How it works?

Again, it is crucial to understand that CBT is a highly customized and strategized treatment and hence the methodology of CBT adopted for social anxiety would not render effective results for other ailments such as OCD or posy traumatic stress. The main platform on which CBT works is quite simple – replacement or restructuring the mind of irrational beliefs, concepts, and thoughts and their substitution with rational counterparts, explains a therapist who offers psychiatric treatment in Pune. Being an active treatment, it largely depends on skills training and sincere efforts of patients in completing homework assignments of behavioural concepts. In short, the patients treat themselves under the guidance of therapist and hence pave way for better results

Why CBT is better?

When compared with the traditional treatment methods like talk therapy or medications, the advantages associated with CBT are plenty:

  • The treatment schedule is incredibly low – in most cases the treatment is completed in 16 sessions. Ofcourse, it can be achieved only through the persistent efforts, patience and co-operating attitude of patients.
  • As it does not involve intake of oral medications, the question of physiological side effects do not arise.
  • Most importantly, what makes CBT as the most preferred choice of treatment is its effectiveness. Not only for social anxiety, but for all anxiety disorders, CBT is found to be as effective as medication or even better. And here comes the biggest merit that swings the verdict in favor of CBT – people treated with medications started showing signs of relapse once the medicines were stopped, but in case of CBT, the effects were permanent.

So if you are experiencing social phobia or anxiety, you can always rely upon our best psychiatrist in Pune and get treated through the most effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and change your course of life. Schedule an appointment with our psychologist and know how best CBT can alleviate your social anxiety disorder.


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