Do you know difference between bipolar disorder & Depression

While offering treatment for psychological problems, we often encounter a common question from patients or their well wishers – what is the difference between bipolar disorder & depression? Although they seem to be same, in reality it is not so. Depression, which causes the feeling of intense sadness, can be a standalone illness or can be a part of other problem such as bipolar, whereas bipolar disorder is a periodic combination of depression and mania. Let us explain in detail:

Depression: In general, the feeling of low, worthless, hopeless is described as depression and it is typically characteristic with loss of interest in several activities which you used to enjoy earlier. Again depression usually accompanies following symptoms:

  • Very low interest in most of the activities
  • Loss of weight without diet restrictions and even loss of appetite
  • Inability to sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced ability to concentrate with highly indecisive mind
  • Frequent suicidal thoughts
  • Low mood with less interaction among friends, family members and colleagues.

Remember, it is natural for any individual to experience few of these symptoms for a short period of time due to several reasons such as personal or work related pressure. But when atleast five of these symptoms are being experienced for more than a fortnight, diagnosis of depression needs to be immediately begun.

Bipolar disorder: As the name suggests, the illness refers to two extreme poles of mood swings– depression and mania. Bipolar disorder also known as manic depression is a combination of alternative cycles of mania and depression. But what are the symptoms of mania?

  • Becomes highly talkative
  • Lightning speed of thoughts
  • Attention getting easily diverted towards trivial aspects
  • Enhanced self esteem
  • Feeling of excellent multitasking
  • Over enthusiastic involvement in activities that has dangerous consequences, such as uncontrolled involvement in activities such as sex, racing, or buying spree.

Although the maniac behavior of bipolar disorder may result in energetic mood, it can be quite dangerous and risky.

Again, the presence of three or more above mentioned symptoms for atleast a week, needs diagnostic evaluation in a proper mental health centre, says a reputed psychiatrist doctor in Pune. So when a patient approaches us at our mental health clinic for signs of depression, we always enquire about the existences of instances that qualify for manic episodes.

That being said, many times it becomes very difficult to spot the actual condition, especially when the manic episodes are mild in nature. Hence it is always necessary for the clinician to understand the background medical history, lifestyle habits, family and work pressure related issues. Infact the problem gets compounded if bipolar disorder patients have other conditions such as anxiety or substance abuse. Nevertheless, all these problems are quite treatable and noted difference can be observed in a span of one month from the treatment date.

If you are looking out for best and result oriented psychiatric hospitals in Pune for treatment of mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder, you can always bank on us. Based on the diagnostic results, background and intensity of the problem, both medications and psychotherapy are prescribed by us to arrive at better results in quicker time.

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