Importance of Social Support in Addiction Recovery

The important of social support buffer in cases of de-addiction is immense!

Humans have evolved through continuous manoeuvres that were inspired to do more and better. Along with diversity of dimensions, we have established progress and touched frontiers so that the socio-economic landscape stands hugely benefited; the modern world is the evidence to the same! However, in pursuit of more and better, we also ventured along fewer dimensions which were rather negative. Use of intoxicants of entire diversity has been very old and despite history teaching the worst implications of the same, many around the world continue to get indulged knowingly.


Some individual who is able to learn about their deviations seeks de-addictions. For them, there are dedicated strategies that help them cope with the withdrawal symptoms of diversity and thus get back their life. However, an essential ingredient of such de-addiction strategies is the ‘social support’ that definitely aids the recovery and allows the person to shorten the process. The significance of such social support could be explained along more than one aspect which all combine to offer the holistic benefit in favour of the seeker. Noted de-addiction centre in Pune offers the insights about why and how the social support could be helpful.

The importance of social support –

The importance of ‘social’ environment in itself is very generic because we humans are differentiated from the other life forms on the same basis! Hence it is the vital component in the determination of what we are and how we think and live. Psychiatrist doctor in Pune who has counselled hundreds of de-addiction cases in past five years says that social support generates the much-needed inspiration to continue on the right path and the thought that the positive result awaits! This sense is a great determining factor for the success of de-addiction. He counts the following components of the social support cushion for the individual who seeks to move back and gain a healthy life.

  1. The physical support buffer

Physical support may be important from the point of view that an addicted person feels the lack of strength many times to continue with a particular task. This could be due to general weakness due to withdrawal or otherwise! The ingredients of the physical support could thus include the following –

  • Helping the person in accomplishing some big task which he is unable to perform on his own. The task may not be important but the accomplishment of it is! Hence if you help him completing it, the person feels the general inspiration to succeed.
  • Physical support may also include the help towards finding a job so that the individual is able to move closer to the normal life. This again generates inspiration and confidence.
  • Another ingredient could be an offering of financial support to the seeker.
  1. The emotional support

Emotional support is the most important component because it is the basis of the overall motivation that the person requires getting out of the vicious cycle of addiction. Family and friends could be of great help in this regard. The best way to offer it is to provide a quality company to the person.

  1. The informational support

The information support could be important from the perspective of offering the correct and demanded information at the right time so that the process of resurrection is not hampered.

  1. Feedback and advice as mark of counseling

Feedback and advice from the family, friends and others close to the person could be useful because this generates sort of confidence in the person that he is on the right path and would surely succeed. According to de-addiction centre in Pune, feedback also helps to check the deviations in de-addiction strategy.

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