OCD – Symptom, Treatment And Causes

The human mind is complex and confronts a mammoth diversity of thoughts and environs that all have bearing on the individual. The mind has evolved in a manner that the useless or defunct thoughts and impulses are shed into the dump and worthy and desirable thoughts are engaged positively by us. However, due to some anomaly in brain chemicals and associated functioning, the person begins to entertain the thoughts of no value to him. In some cases, the habit to respond towards these thoughts also develops and this condition is called as the OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

In OCD, the person develops sort of obsession with certain behavior which to him delivers relief temporarily in response to any situation or even a thought of it; however, recurrence of such a thought proves problematic as the person keeps on responding through unwarranted acts which in the med language has been sometimes referred to as the rituals! Psychiatrist offering OCD treatment in Pune says that medications coupled with the appropriately customized behavior therapy are considered the best approach for such patients.

The Symptoms of OCD

OCD is generally expressed as habits that are unwanted and the patient himself knows the futility of the same; yet continues to follow them, hence called as an obsession. However, these habits or obsessions could be of plenitudes types and can differ from individual to individual. In children, it gets very difficult to trace and diagnose such habits because of children under age 5, in particular, have habits that are unexplained most of the times. According to psychology doctors in Pune hospital, in grown-ups and adults, the OCD could be manifested through following signs and symptoms –

Fear of contamination

This is among the most common triggers for the behaviors that constitute OCD. The person confronts anxiety situation whereby many things of common use are perceived as contaminated and hence the need to wash the hands and body parts. According to a leading psychiatrist offering OCD treatment in Pune, the perception and associated anxiety are the triggers here while engaging in washing is the OCD response.

Seeking perfect arrangement of things

Here the trigger develops when the pattern gets disturbed and the person responds to correct the same; however, the recurrence here determines the OCD.


A person could be in habit of hoarding useless things just with the perception of those things being used sometimes in life.

Any specific behavior

Actually, the person affected with OCD could adopt any specific behavior in response to a custom trigger. The severity could also vary greatly from the one-time habit of checking locks at night to keep repeating the behavior for the whole day and even difficulty in sleeping due to the behavior.

The Treatment of OCD –

Ideally, there is no cure for OCD but the treatments can reduce the severity and keep it under control so that normal life could be lived. Leading psychology doctors in Pune consider the CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy as the best approach whereby customized assistance is offered to allow the person manage the symptoms, triggers, and responses.

Standard medications of OCD (only on med prescription) are –

1. Fluoxetine
2. Fluvoxamine
3. Sertraline
4. Paroxetine
5. Citalopram
6. Escitalopram

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