12 depression buster tips for seniors!

Leading psychiatrist in Pune finds hundreds of cases of depression every year where the person is 60+! Depression in seniors is not new but it is true that the phenomenon has bolstered owing to multiple factors of life, human health, society and economy. Seniors face the lacunae in work initiatives, relations and health & this generates generic discrepancies in their life. With the passage of time, they develop depression characteristics that make their poor health more complex and life becomes alienated for them.

Noted psychologist in Pune specializing in geriatric care and depression says, that most such cases need counseling towards letting the seekers adopt the good life and a positive approach. He lists the following 12 factors that should be taken care of to ward off depression in elderly life. Have a look!

1.Depression is not the illness!

It is important to note that illness does not mean depression. Depression is a condition that can be controlled through proper counselling by the expert.

2.Regulate your alcohol intake

As you age, you should shun alcohol to remain healthy and fit!

3.You can try tai chi or yoga

This helps you to remain agile physically as well as mentally also. You find the boost  within that keeps you going.

4.Insomnia must be tackled through all means

Ward off insomnia like through meditation; and if the need be, then through medicines.

5.Prevent grief from taking over your life and routine

Find company of your loved ones to prevent grief from taking over in situations like spouse death!

6.Keep pictures in your wallet and phone

Carry photographs of your beloved in your wallet or phone as it helps you to remain emotionally strong.

7.Make new friends and remain social

Never seclude yourself as you age. Always remain social and make new friends in the locality.

8.You can go online

Get online for an hour or so on social networking sites. This helps you to remain buoyant and enthusiastic.

9.Exercising is good

Lighter exercising is good to neutralize the stress chemicals in body tissues and hence also good to ward off depression.

10.Never lose initiative

Always remain inspired by anything that you cherish. Your inspiration could be also from trivial things like the bird feeders or garden plants or visiting your grandchildren at the weekend!

11.Accept the increasing age and its implications positively

Never get depressed by the fact that you are ageing and getting weak. Old age is a gift that is defined by immense knowledge and worthy experiences. Cherish this fact always!

12.Maintain your independence

Try to remain independent financially and physically also as much as possible!

With these 12 tips, you can ward off your depression easily, says the leading psychiatrist in Pune.

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