The depression symptoms to watch for in the New Year 2018!

Lives of modern social dwellers have become hectic and are marred by the undesirable components that include deadlines almost on daily basis, peer pressure, too much of work and associated fatigue, ambitions that move swifter than the person himself, the pressure to earn more and above all the relationship issues. It should be stated that when the individual who is a social animal is unable to find the human buffer of emotions and solace through his important relations back home then the problem really aggravates! Talking in the med terms, it is not unwise to consider such conditions in life as a fine recipe for stress that later translates into depression, opines the leading psychiatrist in Pune. He lists out the following symptoms that are commonly observed in people who are vulnerable to developing depression or those who have already slipped into this condition. Have a look at these –

  • You are feeling a constant fatigue

It all develops with the stress that derives not from the body but from your mind, says the psychiatrist offering depression treatment in Pune. Factors like those counted above are mainly responsible for elevating the stress hormones like Cortisol and others. These hormones when remain hiked for long period (say months) cause distortions in biochemistries of the body. After some time, the person begins to feel the tensed muscles and eventually suffers from CFS or ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’. He may never know as for why, how and when such a condition developed in him? The condition of depression is finally developed when the person is unable to cope up with the excess of stress and overpowering biochemistries that are induced through stress chemicals in the body.

  • Continuous anxiety feeling

Anxiety is a sub-condition of stress and depression! If you have developed anxiety almost as a component of your life and living then be vigilant! You could be developing depression, says the leading psychiatrist in Pune! As said above, the biochemistry and hormonal profile in the human body is changed during excess stress! Enhanced anxiety is one of the many implications of such a change. It is better than the person practices some yoga techniques; chiefly pranayama!

  • You have got short tempered!

Being short tempered is not uncommon and many people are by their generic nature. However, if it has come up as a change recently then it is better to make the resurrections. It could be that you are in the grip of stressors and may slip into depression condition if nothing is done.

  • Getting obese?

Change in body’s metabolism  & mainly weight increase may be observed as a pre-condition to developing depression which is the culminative stage of stress. Therefore one should notice any such change that has occurred recently and which is also supported by other symptoms that we discussed above.

  • Feeling blank and indifferent to things

This could be called as the most striking symptom of depression; something that signifies that the condition has already settled in. Basically, it depicts that the mind and not merely the physical senses have got affected! The person becomes blank and indifferent to things that otherwise develop feelings and thoughts. Happiness eludes the person’s life, says the psychiatrist offering depression treatment in Pune.

Watch for these symptoms of depression in the coming year of 2018 before it gets too late for you! Good health! Good living!

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