The Top Ten Myths Of Alcoholism

Boozing is now counted as one of the icons of good and buoyant life. It appears that we Indians and the people around the world, in general, have faltered on the values that the good faiths teach us since the earliest days of civilization and spirituality. No wonder, the consumption is increasing and in India itself, there has been more than 100% increase in the last 15 years time period. While cinema and music continue to project alcohol as the elixir of life, those suffering from severe addiction of it find themselves in deeper troubles relating to their personal health, relations, and family.

Leading de-addiction-center-in-Pune treats thousands of such people who have gone deviant due to their alcohol abuse habits! However, most still shy to move to such centers because of one or the other fancied reasons that are nothing but the myths related to alcoholism! Here are the top ten myths that are widely prevalent in the society –

  • No one dares to lecture me as I am the master of my life!

This is the most powerful explanation tendered by every drinker, but a nuisance concept of course as you have the responsibilities of many on yourself.

  • I drink only beer

Strong beers have the high alcohol content that equal to wines and other alcoholic distillates.

  • I am not a daily drinker

Drinking like at weekends could be also habit forming and damage your health!

  • Drinking is not like drugs abuse and I can still manage my life well!

Drinking de-generates the liver and other vital functions of the body slowly.

  • I am well settled and can buy good spirits and wines

If you earn fat then it does not means that you have the right to spend big on wines and boozes.

  • I enjoy sex more after drinking

It is a fault to consider this! Alcohol actually decreases the performance.

  • If I go to rehab center then I will lose my job

You can take leave for health reasons and get through the rehab schedule.

  • Not drinking? You are leading a boring life!

The youth of age are much influenced by the thought that if they are not boozing then certainly they are missing the good taste and joy of life. This is not true!

  • Going to a rehab center is a sign of personal weakness

Not actually. It is a sign of strong willpower and inner strength!

  • Rehab programs usually fail ultimately!

Leading vyasan mukti Kendra in Pune has successfully treated the alcoholics and allowed them to lead a normal and healthy life again.

You can also benefit from one such dedicated program of alcohol de-addiction and get back your life.

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