Important Signs Why You Need Treatment from a Psychiatrist?

Medical doctors with expertise and special training in the area of mental health are known as Psychiatrists. These Medical Doctors undertake extra schooling to get specialized in Mental Health. Psychiatrists are in fact specialist doctors having all privileges as well as rights that any other doctor has.

Psychologists on the other hand are not medical Doctors and are just a specialist in Psychology. They are only therapists and as such cannot prescribe medicines. There are many leading Psychologists in Pune who offer good therapeutic treatment for mental illness. Hence understanding the difference always helps in locating the Best Psychiatrist in Pune

Why to Visit a Psychiatrist?

Anyone suffering from any kind of mental illness should unfailingly visit a mental health professional i.e. a Psychiatrist and get a proper mental health evaluation done. Visiting a general practitioner won’t be of much help as it may result in more harm than good as some of the General Practitioners may fail to recognize complex mental illness. Say for instance if one is suffering from serious mental illness in a big city like Pune, it would be wise to visit a Psychiatrist in Pune rather than a Psychologist.

In comparison to a general practitioner, a specialist would be able to recognize cancer immediately, the same holds true for mental illness where a Psychiatrist can recognize the symptoms instantly.

When is a Psychiatrist Visit Actually Needed?

Apart from diagnosis, following are the situations when the need to visit a Psychiatrist may arise.

  • At any time when one may need more than one psychiatric medication.
  • In cases of more than one diagnosis.
  • When one fails to get better under the treatment of a general practitioner.
  • When one has failed two or more anti depressants.
  • In situations where one is experiencing complicated or complex side effects.
  • At a time when one wishes to change the medication provided by one’s Psychiatrist.
  • If one disagrees with the treatment provided by his or her doctor.

There is nothing wrong in visiting a General Practitioner for mental illness. It is just that they are not specialists. A General Practitioner hardly gets to treat many patients suffering from mental illness. While the job of Psychiatrist is just that. The usual physical examination, throat and eye check up done by a general practitioner along with prescribing of few medications or antibiotics is not going to be of much help especially in cases of bipolar disorder.

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