Tips & Tricks to Find and Choose the Right Addiction Therapist

Self realization that one needs help with addiction is in itself very difficult and if one has realized and decides to ask for help: then he or she needs to be congratulated as one has crossed the first hurdle. There are many De addiction centres in Pune offering counselling that aids reinforce the importance of this step.

Techniques adopted by an addiction centre that motivates to stay and continue with the treatment:

To encourage motivation to stay in treatment is very crucial. Many Psychiatrist doctor in Pune make of use interview techniques to make the person realize that they have a problem. The biggest advantage of such techniques is that such recognitions encourage people to continue with the treatment.

A treatment centre that creates an environment where addicts feel comfortable:

The biggest challenge any treatment centre faces is to provide an environment where addicts feel not only comfortable but also to feel motivated to come to the program by realizing that it is for their own benefit. The best Psychiatrist in Pune namely Manish Bajpayee is renowned for offering an amiable atmosphere and environment to all those who come to the de addiction centre to get treated.

The home like environment provided by the leading Psychologist in Pune is the often the sole reason quoted by many patients for their regularity in visits to the addiction centre.

Factors influencing the choice of treatment centre or addiction therapist:

Varied factors influence the decision as to where to get the treatment. This could involve budget concerns, cover of insurance by a program, place where the treatment centre is located and addiction treatment philosophy etc.

Finding a good treatment centre that has good reputation and one that holds a state license is very important. Making an initial visit to the centre before starting the treatment is very essential to find out whether the centre has employed trained and experienced counsellors, so that they can interact and connect with the patients. In case one is unable to undertake such a visit, obtaining first hand information through references about the centre such as whether it is clean and hospitable is of paramount importance.

There are many people who prefer to go to an addiction centre located in another part of the country. This is also a good decision as one can distance oneself from the situations that aided their addiction in the past. The only drawback that can be quoted in this respect is that one should have an alternative counselling support in one’s own home town for any eventualities after the completion of the treatment.

Acknowledging the fact that one needs help is always tough but it has always been the best one could do for oneself. Locating the right addiction therapist is equally important as the decision to seek help.

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