5 Signs of Depression You Should NOT Ignore!

1 out of 10 people suffers from depression in one way or the other. Depression can be categorized into two; mild and severe depression. Where the mild depression can be the resultant of workload or a heated argument, severe depression can last long and can be life-altering. Very casually people put themselves into a depressing category in front of the group like, “I am depressed because of my relative’s tantrums” or “This job is making me feel depressed at times”.

First of all, there is no “at times” in depression. There are many early symptoms of depression most of the people shrug off thinking it’s just a state of mind. No! Unfortunately, it is not! So, our Psychiatrist doctor in Pune brings you some of the major symptoms of depression. If you or any of your loved ones are facing these issues, contact an expert psychiatrist as sooner as possible.

1) Irritation

Not every irritation symbolizes depression but in most cases, mood swings are considered to be the initial stage of being depressed. If you are someone who struggles to put up a smile for a long time or cannot seize your temper, might be you are depressed inside. Where many people shout out loud in anger, there are many who don’t show a hint of irritation but boils within.

Talk to someone – A psychiatrist or someone you feel close to can help.

2) Insomnia

Lack of sleep is the most common symptom of depression. But again, you might be just tired of a hectic workload or a busy day. Depression can be the symptom for Insomnia if a person suffers lack of sleep thrice a week.

Lack of sleep can be fatal at times, leading to heart diseases, high blood pressure, and a restless mind. Fortunately, Dr. Manish Bajpayee has a successful history in Insomnia treatment in Pune.

3) Body pains and aches

Our body and mind shares a very strong connection with each other. If the mind gets tired, it automatically becomes evidence for low body activity and appalling performance level. Depression disturbs the body-mind connection thus; a depressed person endures through body pain, severe headaches, and sore muscles (without any commotion).

4) Low Energy Level

As discussed earlier, the body-mind connection helps us carry along the whole day. A depressed mind is clouded with thousands of thoughts, guilt, and fear of judgment, which, of course, blocks the thinking capacity of the mind. If you are someone feeling related to this, contact a professional and well-accomplished psychiatrist prudently.

5) Concentration Problem

A clouded mind with thoughts can never perceive things clearly, which thwart their thinking capability. A person depressed has a hard time making decisions on their own. The job they are at right now makes them feel reckless. “To quit” is something their mind shouts out at mostly a hundred times a day.

Depression is no joke. Our environment is growing at a faster pace. “If you cannot perform well, you can be replaced”, this is the fear or concern of every third person we meet today. Don’t lose the grip on your life! The Psychiatric hospitals in Pune run at a constant supervision of experts and counselors. Our team of enthusiastic and highly-motivated doctors is ever-ready to guide you through your difficulties in life, limitless of personal or professional sufferings.

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