3 Simple Techniques to Build Your Self-confidence Despite Anxiety

Anxiety is just like an unwelcomed parasite that makes your mind its breeding ground and gradually starts sucking away your self-confidence and self-belief over a period of time. Moreover, it often leaves individuals clueless as to who they are, what is their purpose in life, and what the can achieve or do. Anxiety not only dents your self-confidence, it forces us to believe we are not good enough. It is true that anxiety slowly chips away your self-confidence, but, there is hope and light at the end of this dark phase of your life. There are several ways to overcome anxiety, build, and regain their self-confidence. Believing that you can eventually overcome anxiety is the first step towards getting rid of it.

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How anxiety affects you?

Anxiety is not just a psychological condition. It also has an effect on your physical condition and the common symptoms include headache and also affects your thinking. Moreover, it snatches away the courage to be confident in life.

It is important to understand that anxiety often forces our mind to concentrate and invest energy on superficial thoughts and about what people have to say about you. However, the more you stop diverging your thoughts towards what people think or say about you, the more closer you get towards becoming a less anxious person.

Although it is not an overnight process, anxiety can be tackled in a number of effective ways. Let’s take a closer look at the various effective techniques to understand how anxiety can be tackled.

1. List your strengths

You can start tackling anxiety by creating a list of all your positive qualities and abilities. Moreover, you should also highlight your strengths to boost your confidence and help you feel much better about yourself. Remember, nobody is perfect and nobody expects you to be a flawless person.

2. Make a list of things you do despite your anxiety problems

On a piece of paper or on a digital medium, write down the things that you do in your life in spite of your anxiety issues such as people you talk to, a pass-time, etc. Remember, small actions like these will significantly improve your self-confidence over time and help you battle anxiety. Make it a point to write down things once a day that make you feel good about yourself.

3. Vision board

Create a vision board – to understand where you see yourself in the next few months or years. Looking at that board every day will help you get closer towards the person you want to become and eventually help you overcome anxiety.

The aforementioned techniques can play a huge role in overcoming anxiety in the long run. Anxiety cannot be cured overnight. It is a process that needs time and self-awareness. Moreover, some of the Best psychiatrists in Pune such as Dr. Manish Bajpayee will use their expertise to understand your issues and formulate an effective plan to tackle your anxiety problems.

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