5 Important Tips That Will Help Parents Solve Their Teen’s Addiction to Mobile Phones

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind about the fact that technology has taken over several walks of life in the last couple of decades. The rapid technological advancements have paved way for innovation and also led to an unprecedented growth in the usage of cellphones amongst the masses. However, there is a notable trend that we are witnessing in the recent years when it comes to the usage of cell phones. According to a study, around 80-85 percent of teens today own a cellphone. Today, the way cell phones are used has changed drastically from using it only to stay connected with your family and friends. The growth of social media at the same time has resulted in more time being spent on a cellphone which has gradually become an addiction amongst teenagers.

Maneesh Bajpayee is one of the most renowned psychologists in Pune. Internet addiction is a growing concern amongst parents and with his years of experience in this field, Mr. Bajpayee has helped several teenagers overcome their internet/mobile addiction in one of the most effective ways. Moreover, he has helped them overcome the same with ease, offering comfort and creating an interactive dialogue with the patient without making them feel targeted.

It is essential to understand how parents can help their children overcome mobile addiction. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do!

1. Keep an eye on your child’s behavior

It is important you monitor your child’s behavioral pattern for a couple of days to understand the issue in-depth. There are two patterns you need to keep an eye on.

1. Overusage of the cell phone to talk to people
2. Overusage of the cell phone for social media

If your child is checking their phone every now and then to read the notifications, it is a sign that they might be addicted to the cell phone. Moreover, social media applications are one of the main reasons why a lot of teenagers are getting addicted to the mobile phone. Hence, if your child is using their phone in the aforementioned pattern, they might be addicted to cellphones.

2. Speak to them

After gaining an understanding of the behavioral pattern of your child, you could make a list of things that you could talk to your child about. Pick a time when you and your child are in a relaxed mood and environment to make sure your child does not feel as if they have done something terribly wrong.

3. Limit the usage of cellphones

Although teenagers are capable of understanding things on their own, they have a lot to learn about life and other things in general. Hence, it is important you intervene and limit the amount of screen time each time your child uses the cellphone. After defining the screen time, let them know the consequences of not following the rules that have been set. It is one of the best ways to discipline your teen.

4. Charging station

One of the most effective ways to control your teen’s additction to the cell phone is by getting rid of the cellphone from their room at night. However, it is important you also remove other electronic gadgets including tablets and laptops since they will turn to them if they do not have access to their smartphones. Preferably set up a charging station in your room at night so that your teen cannot sneak away from their phone in the middle of the night.

5. Be responsible yourself

Apart from setting guidelines for your teen, it is also equally important you follow a certain discipline as well. Checking your phone on the dining table, talking on the phone for long-hours, and using the same all the time may indicate that it is normal to be on the phone all the time. Hence, it is essential you do not use your phone intensively and set an example for your child.

Maneesh Bajpayee is an experienced psychologist in Pune who has guided several parents on internet addiction treatment. He has used his years of expertise to help parents overcome cellphone addiction in their children. Morevoer, he also offers insights based on his observation that significantly help parents overcome their child’s addiction to cell phones in the long run.

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