Borderline Personality Disorder and It’s Impact on Relationships

Borderline personality disorder could be hard to manage and it certainly has adverse effects on relationships, especially romantic relationships. Individuals who suffer from borderline personality disorder typically have shaky interpersonal relationships. Moreover, they also have a very low tolerance towards being alone due to other factors such as abandonment anxiety. Moreover, they tend to dismiss the emotions of other people and vent their anger towards them. Impulsiveness coupled with demanding behavior are common traits of someone who is suffering from borderline personality disorder.

Dr. Maneesh Bajpayee is one of the most established psychotherapists in Pune who has rich and diverse experience in treating patients suffering from personality disorder in Pune. Moreover, he has also assisted several individuals to overcome the problem with his unique and advanced personality treatment techniques and understanding of the topic.

This article will cover the relationships aspect of borderline personality disorder and help our readers understand the problem from an expert’s perspective.

What is borderline personality disorder?

The borderline personality disorder is mainly an emotional disorder that induces emotional instability which eventually causes stress and several other problems. However, with the right personality disorder treatment in Pune, one can tackle the problem effectively over a period of time.

BPD and relationships

As mentioned earlier, BPD is an emotionally complicated disorder that often strains a healthy and a normal relationship. Individuals suffering from the problem often have a hard time understanding and respecting the boundaries of their loved ones. Individuals often have a distorted image of how they perceive things and find it extremely hard to understand the point of view of their family members, romantic partners, etc.

Yes, relationships may not be simple with someone who has a borderline personality disorder and it could affect your mental health as well. Some of the common symptoms of borderline personality disorder include unclear self-image, feeling of emptiness, impulsiveness, emotional instability, etc.

Other issues include:

1. Empathy
2. Intimacy


Today, thanks to advances in psychological studies, there are several ways one can deal with borderline personality disorder including, hospitalization, effective medication, psychotherapy, etc. Moreover, there are several support groups that could significantly help individuals suffering from the problem. Moreover, individuals are constantly seeking acceptance and forgiveness and it is highly important to be patient with them emotionally as well as therapeutically as they are more likely to share their story.

Maneesh Bajpayee has treated several individuals suffering from personality disorder treatment in Pune. With his years of experience and strong expertise in the field, Dr. Maneesh Bajpayee has managed to help his patients overcome their emotional and psychological barriers in the most effective way making him one of the best psychotherapists in Pune.

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