Help Our Youth Rise above Drugs and Addiction

Adolescence is a period where an individual undergoes various hormonal changes. As they strike puberty, it can mess with their heads and lack of proper care by parents could possibly drag them into the dark world of drugs and addiction. As per the reports, one in three students around the world is exposed to drugs and alcohol. The most crucial phase of their lives, where such students should be focusing on studies, sports, and extra-curricular activities, choose the path of drugs and addiction.

Dr. Manish Bajpayee – A well-renowned name when it comes to the best Psychotherapist in Pune strongly believes that the youth can be saved from this emotional dungeon and brought back to a healthy lifestyle. All that their parents and families should pay attention to is the early signs of addiction.

Signs of Addiction

The young minds lack stability in their choice of friendship. Being in their growing age, their ambitions and interests could change abruptly. This is normal unless you pay attention to the company your child is choosing to spend most of his/her time with. Are they a good influence on your child? Are they genuinely concerned about their own health? Are they doing well with their own lives? These are some serious questions you must be paying attention to if all of your child’s friend-circle remains short-lived.

There is a huge possibility your child will create a tendency of hiding things from you. This is when you must look out for signs such as:

  • Your child is depressed
  • He or she struggling with low self-esteem and confidence to speak up
  • Sudden abnormal aggressive behavioral changes
  • He or she feels rejected from the society
  • Suddenly they lose interest in things (e.g. sports, drawing, etc) they were once passionate about
  • Your child feels like being a parent your attention is not sufficient to them

There is a very thin line between a dejected teenager and his/her tendency to use substances to get high. If your child has been set on a destructive path, it is likely they need a professional consultation and counseling. Our de-addiction center in Pune is very supportive to the teenagers. The youth is the future of our nation and we all should feel equally responsible to help them if they are addicted to drugs or any abusive substances.

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