Postpartum Depression – Symptoms and When You Should See a Doctor

The birth of a baby brings with it a range of emotions including excitement, anxiety, joy, and fear to name a few. There is one emotion; however you might not even think of associating with the birth of a child, and that is depression.

It is common to see new mothers undergo postpartum post the child’s birth. Postpartum or “baby blues” include, crying, anxiety, mood swings, inability to sleep and begins 2-3 days after giving birth and could last for 2-3 weeks. There are a few moms that experience long-lasting postpartum that is also known as postpartum depression. It is crucial to understand that postpartum depression is not a sign of weakness or a flaw in somebody; it is just a birth complication.

If you are experiencing postpartum depression, you should seek help immediately to manage the symptoms efficiently. Manish Bajpayee is one of the best psychotherapists in Pune with vast experience under his belt. He offers his insights on postpartum depression in this blog and how patients can overcome the condition.

Symptoms of postpartum depression

Initially, it is easy to misunderstand the symptoms of postpartum depression for “baby blues.” However, the symptoms of postpartum depression last longer and also could potentially intervene in your relationship with your child. The symptoms may start to develop within the first few weeks after delivery and could last for around a year after birth.

Some of the symptoms of postpartum depression include:

1. Mood swings
2. Crying excessively
3. Bonding with your baby is difficult
4. You do not feel like meeting family and friend
5. Loss of appetite
6. Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
7. Fatigue
8. Hopelessness
9. Restlessness

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, other signs of postpartum depression should be addressed immediately.

When should you see a doctor?

After your child’s birth you may not want to admit your depression and thus are reluctant to seek help. However, if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of postpartum depression, you should visit a doctor.

You should book an appointment immediately when:

• The symptoms don’t go away after two weeks
• Symptoms are getting worse
• Symptoms interfere with your ability to take care of your baby
• Affects your capacity to perform daily tasks

It is vital to understand that you may not come to terms with postpartum depression immediately. However, if you experience the symptoms mentioned in the blog for an extended period (over two weeks), you should get in touch with a doctor. Do not hesitate and seek assistance immediately!

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