Increasing Focus To Increase Memory

Information received, stored, and retrieved is the process of memory. A brain can store large amount of information in our brain.  Retrieving the information stored whenever necessary is very important in our daily life. For instance, remembering the password to login email, the place where keys are kept, the answers for the exam are some of the retrieval process. A good memory indicates a healthy brain. But there may be a time we all find difficulty to recall information that are stored. There are many methods to improve memory like

  • Consuming healthy food
  • Exercising regularly
  • Exercising brain by learning new things
  • Keeping a tab on health issues
  • Getting rid of depression and stress

Proper sleep and most importantly when focus is increased, memory is automatically increased.  While aging may lead to memory problems, lack of concentration is another reason for poor memory and thinking. Dr. Manish Bajpayee, the leading psychiatrist in Pune explains some ways to improve focus in our day to day life.

Concentrate on the task:

The simplest way to retain the information in memory is to focus. But the real problem is ‘how to focus?’ The focus towards an issue can be channelized by simply developing and repeating it again. For example while conversing, ask questions on that issue and dwell deep into it. Or while studying for an exam, summarize the answers orally or make short notes of it in written form. This proven technique not only increases the concentration but also helps the brain to retain the information. Remember, harder the task, more concentration is required.

Avoid deviation:

The best way to focus on an issue is to handle it in a quiet place. But that being an ideal situation, is always not possible. But do your best to avoid the distractions that are in your control. While studying for an exam or writing a report for your organization, keep the door shut, switch off the mobile phone, and do not allow external deterrents like noise or kitchen aroma to distract the mind.

One at a time:

Do not try to take several tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking is not a cup of tea for everyone. Too many jobs at a time, never produces the quality output in any of them. This is basically because of the attention getting scattered and thereby leading to inferior output. If properly planned, all the jobs can be completed by attending one at a time.


Several studies indicate the meditation is an effective tool to channelize the concentration and improve the memory power. Meditation coupled with proper breathing exercise for twenty minutes a day can do magic for your concentration.

Proper rest:

It is not only essential to have proper sleep, but also gaps between continuous works are equally necessary. Lot of research has been done in this subject and it clearly reveals that few minutes of gap for every one hour or so, rejuvenates the mind and prepares the brain for the next gruelling session. The gaps should be utilized in an activity that requires least mental involvement like listening to music, reading a comic or simply closing the eyes.

Dr. Manish Bajpayee, the leading psychiatrist doctor in Pune, emphasizes that with the above mentioned techniques in conjunction with proper balanced diet, concentration or focus, the main back bone of memory power can be definitely augmented.

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