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Confidence and Stress

Confidence is an important aspect of one’s personality. It helps in being emotionally ready to deal with the challenges that one faces in the day to day life. Confidence gives us an edge over the others and thus drives competition.

Stress can be termed as the emotional response of the body to an unpleasant change either within the body or outside it. It can be described as a situation where the demand exceeds the physical and emotional resources available at the moment. Stress can cause diseases while it itself could be the result of some diseases.Our Adrenal glands release the hormone Cortisol during stressful situations. Research studies have concluded their results based on the Cortisol levels in participants with high or low Trait Anxiety in stressful situations.Stress affects confidence in more than one way.

  • Physical Health: Stress can lead to headaches, sleep disorders, digestion problems, and heart diseases, Loss of appetite or overeating, mood swings, frequent emotional outbursts, increased temper, lack of concentration among other things. It has been observed that around 50% of the workdays lost are due to stress.
  • Emotional Well Being: With confidence comes the ability to take quick and bold decisions and the risks associated with it.Confidence drives the competitive spirit in an individual. When under stress, we are less likely to take decisions that give us an edge over our competitors.Stress affects an individual and the society as an extension of it.Stress can lead to a low self-esteem which impacts studies, work, family andrelationships. It is important to build a positive attitude and let go of the negative emotions. With hard work and confidence the journey to the peak becomes much easier.

Another important factor that affects a person’s confidence is Trait Anxiety which can be described as an emotion where one finds a particular situation or the world in general, as threatening or worrisome.Dr Manish Bajpayee a noted psychological counsellor in Pune says that confidence is inversely proportional to Stress and Trait Anxiety. In a competitive atmosphere, stress increases confidence of people with low Trait Anxiety whereas decreases confidence of people with high Trait Anxiety.

There is an important connection between Stress, Trait Anxiety, Confidence and Socio Economic Inequality. A person with High Trait Anxiety experiencing financial stress will have a difficult time expressing confidence that is expected from successful candidates whereas the reverse might be true.

Developing good communication skills, interacting with people with a positive attitude, counselling sessions will help in dealing with Trait Anxiety. Some qualities like assertion, self-trust, and acceptance of the given situation can be cultivated. This will help in getting over Trait Anxiety in the longer run.

There are many positive effects of stress too. Stress can be a motivator for people to achieve more. Stress results in increased productivity upto a certain extent after which things go downhill. The point where stress becomes detrimental to productivity differs from person to person. It is for an individual to identify this point and be alert so that things are under control.


By Dr Manish Bajpayee

Dr Manish Bajpayee having 20 years of experience as a consulting psychiatrist. He offers optimal treatment for all age groups from child to adolescent, young and old at a fully-fledged clinic in Pune. He solves the problems to make your life blissful. His experience and specialisation in psychiatry combined with the knowledge of the various aspect of neuroscience, biology, psychology, pharmacology, and biochemistry has enabled him to address multiple issues related to mental health and has successfully brought back patients to normalcy.