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Managing Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can be defined as a state of physical and psychological dependence on a particular drug despite adverse consequences. Addiction can be to alcohol or other drugs like nicotine, heroine, marijuana etc. People addicted to drugs find it very difficult to come out of the addiction. Quitting a particular drug might require help from a doctor, support from family and friends. Having people you can trust beside you during this unprecedented time, can help to make the process of quitting easier to deal with. Your family and friends are worried about you, and to make sure that they know you are free from drugs, they might point you in the direction of this drug testing in Charleston SC service so they know for sure if you have relapsed or not. If you have, then you will need their help and support even more. It’s a long and hard journey to get clean, but if you have the right people around you, it can be made a lot easier.

Overcoming drug addiction and deciding to give it up requires a lot of motivation both from the victim as well as family and friends. The victim needs to be constantly kept out of reach of drugs and drug providers. They need to manage the triggers and cravings during the recovery from addiction. Triggers can be either being too tired after a day’s work or walking by a bar or loneliness or getting into an argument. Identifying these triggers will help overcome them. Overall, a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise and keeping the mind and the body fresh helps in avoiding a relapse.

Sometimes, some people are just not able to avoid addiction from the comfort of their own home, especially if they don’t have family and friends to help them overcome relapsing. Simply put, there can be too many temptations at home, and it’s much more accessible to relapse than staying at rehab. Many people who suffer from drug addiction and are in the process of recovery will prefer to go to rehab at somewhere like West Coast Recovery Centers to ensure they have a successful recovery period with high-quality and individualized care.

A renowned Deaddiction centre in Pune lists the following steps as helpful in recovering from drug addiction:

Decision to “Give it up”- It is the first step that is the most crucial one. The conflicting mind always finds it difficult to choose the tougher road to recovery and giving up the drug of your choice.

Drug Addiction Treatment – Apart from medical treatment, changes in lifestyle is also an important factor in the road to recovery. Identify the reason for turning to drugs like stress at workplace, dealing with a failed relationship or any other career issues. Any psychological issue other than drug addiction also needs treatment simultaneously.

Support from Family and Friends- The battle of overcoming drug addiction cannot be won alone. Friends and family along with others who can influence with their positivity are welcome. Like minded people going through the same phase as yours might also help in healing.

Coping with Stress: Stress is one of the most common reasons for people to turn to drugs. Stress can also be managed with healthier options like yoga, exercise, music, practicing simple breathing exercises, playing with pets or kids, spending time amidst nature etc.

Triggers and Cravings: Triggers and cravings can make recovery from addiction seem an impossible task. In order to avoid cravings, it is best to avoid the drug buddies, bars and clubs.

Relapse: Many triggers can cause relapse of the abuse of drugs. They can be the same cause that had triggered addiction in the first place. Relapse can be very demotivating but the rather than accepting failure, we should try to get back to the right path to recovery.

We should never lose hope, no matter how many times we have tried and failed to get to the final goal- of overcoming addiction. An integrated treatment method addressing the addiction along with any other physical or psychological problems is a holistic method of solving the problem. The best way is to build a meaningful drug free life by spending time doing activities that interest you or being engaged productively.

By Dr Manish Bajpayee

Dr Manish Bajpayee having 20 years of experience as a consulting psychiatrist. He offers optimal treatment for all age groups from child to adolescent, young and old at a fully-fledged clinic in Pune. He solves the problems to make your life blissful. His experience and specialisation in psychiatry combined with the knowledge of the various aspect of neuroscience, biology, psychology, pharmacology, and biochemistry has enabled him to address multiple issues related to mental health and has successfully brought back patients to normalcy.