Bhavishya Ghat raha hai (aur dilli tadap raha hai)

What a telling line by a poet who obsessed over death and wrote about it in a pen dipped in sarcasm.

Yes, I never read him as I am one of those idiotic convent educated anglophone. Yet, when I read his obituary in the Indian Express, the words Bhavishya Ghat raha hai ( the future is shrinking), I knew what it is to be an illiterate.

This blog is about the Sahara Akademi Award winning Hindi poet KAILASH VAJPEYI. On Wednesday as Ananya Vajpeyi lit the pyre of her 79year old words from his famous poem ” Bhavishya Ghat raha hai” kept ringing through her head. The Indian Express quoted verbatim.

Only let’s take a detour,  his death and his obituary are published at same time that Delhi struggles with a slow death with pollution, it’s institutions known more for noise than substance and it’s citizens craving for sanity and exhibiting the rage of slow insanity.

DEATH BY BREATH-PART III accompanies this obit as the front page screaming headline. For all the children who have struggled to stay sane and healthy his poems title would be apt. Is there a future , has Dilli already consumed it and it’s children will always be 2nd best. With respiratory problems, chronic headache, possibility of behavioral problems like ADD, is there a chance for them or recruiters and insurers will smile wistfully and deny them.

The future has shrunk, these children will not be 1st among equal so but poor little Delhi kids best to compete among themselves and not the world.


Nothing really matters, really,  it’s going to be the same, it’s happened before. The times are not changing or as Vajpeyi is quoted in this obit àt the end “there is nothing in life worth mourning for once gone”

Psychiatric Health Psychological Counselling

Stress in Youth of Today

Stress has a great impact on both our mental as well as physical health. People from all age group undergo stress. If you are of the opinion that only adults get stressed out, it is not so. It is not all rosy, fun and joy for the young adults. Just like adults, youth also undergo stress in their life.

Psychiatrist in pune
Psychiatrist in pune

What are the sources of Stress in Youth?

According to Dr.Manish Bajpayee, a leading psychiatrist in Pune, there is lot of issues which are thrust on the young shoulders making their life miserable. The following are the main causes of stress in youth:

  • Homework Deadlines

  • Tests

  • High Expectations of Parents, Teachers and Peers

  • Relationship with Parents (Generation Gap)

  • Pressure due to Time Constraint

  • Boyfriends, Girlfriends

  • Dating Tension

  • Separation

  • Death in the family

  • Illness in the family

  • Aggression, Violence

  • Bullying and Teasing

  • Abuse

  • Family Tensions

  • Financial Stress

  • Increase in Responsibility

  • Divorce

  • Unemployment

  • Sexual Identity and Orientation

What are the Symptoms of Stress in Youth?

These young adults have to face a lot of competition and are burdened with innumerable responsibilities. Some are strong enough and are able to cope with the stress. But there are a few who finally succumb to the pressure of youth life. Watch out for these mental and physical signs of stress in the young adults:

Physical Signs of Stress

  • Indigestion, Nausea, Headaches

  • Breathing Difficulty

  • Feeling of being Unwell

  • Increased Heart Rate

  • Sweating

  • Body Ache

  • Tensed Muscles

Mental Signs of Stress

  • Inability to think clearly

  • Forgetfulness

  • Inability to control emotions

  • Unable to make and take proper decisions

  • Feeling exhausted and tired

  • Loss of Memory

  • Constantly Worrying

  • Thoughts of running away

What are the Behaviors that Youth Display during stress?

When they get stressed out they tend to display certain behaviors:

  • Alcohol Consumption

  • Smoking Excessively

  • Use of Chewing gum compulsively

  • Being critical of others always

  • Spending more time in front of the Computer, TV, Video Games, etc

  • Compulsive Eating or Starving

  • Teeth Grinding

  • Inability to get things done

  • Negative Thoughts and Negative Actions

It is a common tendency for these young adults to take dire steps and unusual risks which can have serious implications and can also have negative consequences. Are you feeling that the issues and challenges faced by you seem to be overwhelming? Do you need to talk to someone who can maintain integrity and confidentiality and help you overcome your stress you can contact Dr.Manish Bajpayee. He offers comprehensive counseling sessions to people in distress by understanding their problems and helping them to resolve it successfully. Speaking your mind out and letting go of your worries will surely help to delete stress and restart a fresh and uncomplicated life.