Why You Should Go For Couple Therapy ?

Couples Therapy or marriage counselling is a way of counselling couples or partners for improving their relationship and resolving their conflicts. It is recommended for couples who are at crossroads whether to go ahead together or go separate ways. Being open to couples therapy has the potential to save a marriage or relationship from breaking down prematurely. If a couple feels that their relationship is in trouble and that they are not able to deal with their problems and need help, they go for Marriage Counselling. The counsellor helps you to talk about your issues and viewpoints along with your partner’s viewpoint so that he can be the neutral mediator and give the right advice.

Many people try to first address their problems themselves before asking for help. It is natural to feel embarrassed to open up in front of a third person. Couples Therapy will only work if there is a desire to fix the relationship and there is love between both the partners. According to Manish Bajpayee, a renowned couple Therapist in Pune, you should go for couple therapy if/when:

    • If one of the partner feels the need for counselling even though the other doesn’t. It is quite common that one among the couple is unhappy. In such cases rather than going for an individual therapy, it is better to go for Couple Therapy. People find out how both sides trigger an argument and how they contribute to the distress and sadness of each other. With the help of the couple therapy they can work towards understanding each other better.
    • If you are stuck even after trying on your own. Most of the times people make the situation worse by trying to resolve it themselves. There is no harm in asking for help. With Couple Therapy you can try and fix things and approach the problem from a different perspective that is different from yours.
    • If you are constantly fighting without wanting to listen to the others’ point of view. Couples who constantly fight, yell and hurl abuses at each other often don’t know how to stop it. Such conflicts hardly get resolved and in turn make the relationship bitter. When efforts to change their behaviour does not yield any result, couples should go for Couple Therapy.
    • If you feel he/she is not the right one and you might be happier either alone or with someone else. There comes a time when you feel you have had enough. You feel that your partner is the root cause of the problem and you want to separate yourself from him/her. Partners don’t want to put any more energy or effort into fixing the problem. Couple Therapists have often been able to turn around situations for the better.
    • If you want to do better in your relationship. You want to bring back happier times and rekindle the romance in your relationship.
    • If you feel emotionally and/or physically disconnected. When there are troubles in marriage, couples normally refrain from sex and other ways of expressing love. This leads to physical as well as emotional disconnection. In such cases couples look for other ways to feel connected. For example, by keeping themselves busy with work and kids; finding another partner or spending more time on other hobbies.

If you are experiencing any of the above, you must seek help from Couple Therapists. There have been many cases where Marriage counsellors have been able to turn around marriages which have suffered years of misunderstanding and distress. It is very important to get timely help.

Give priority to saving your relationship and don’t let your false pride and ego come in the way of saving your marriage. While people splurge on electronic gadgets, designer clothing and footwear, they think twice before spending on a counselling session. We need to change this mind-set and give importance to relationships.

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