How to Help a Friend Who’s Suicidal ?

It is true that on most of the occasions, a suicidal person may not seek outside help, but that does not translate that help is not required. Any friend of yours, who is flooded with suicidal thoughts, actually wants to escape from the hurt feelings. And the good news is you can save your friend from committing suicide and all that requires are rapid understanding of warning signs and talking about it openly with him, says a famous psychiatrist in Pune.

Before attempting to understand the methodologies to save your friend who has suicidal thoughts, it is vital to clear the haze of misconception.

  • People just threaten about committing suicide – No, they are very serious about it and they usually present clues or warnings.
  • People who commit suicide have mental disorders – Well, they may be upset or depressed, but that does not prove to be signals of mental illness.
  • You can’t stop people from committing suicide – Take our words, even with severe depressed emotions, people are still wavering about committing suicide and they can be really stopped.
  • Talking about suicides present an individual with suicidal ideas – It is the other way around actually. When you talk with your friend openly, it does lot of helpful things to delay the impulsive action.


What are the warning signs of suicide?

In the first place, it should be understood that warning signs of suicides are nothing but cries of help. The suicidal situation can be resolved in a better way if we clearly understand those needs of help. Some of the warning signs of suicide that should never be missed are:

  • Repeated discussion of hurting or killing oneself
  • Prolonged writing of stories or poems about death
  • Scouting for things such as sleeping pills, poisonous compositions, knives and rope that are usually employed for committing suicide
  • Continuous utterance of self-hatred sentences such as “Others would be happy without me”
  • Donating prized possessions or writing a will
  • Increased social isolation
  • Overindulgence in reckless driving or unsafe sex.
  • Attainment of sudden calmness after a bout of depression.

Remember these warning signals can assume dangerous proportions if your friend has severe mood swings, depression, substance abuse problems or had earlier attempted suicides

How to help?

  • Although easily said, the best initial action of help would be to talk it out with your friend. Make sure the conversation is two way and allow your friend to express feelings. Offer your help to save him and ask your friend how you can support in this juncture. Believe us, this would really thaw the impulse and provide you with extra time to seek professional help.
  • Having created crucial extra time, evaluate whether your friend has a suicidal plan, means to accomplish it, set a time to execute it and finally how serious are the intentions. If you feel that the intentions are imminent, hesitate no further to inform the medical authorities or emergency coordinators and try to remove the lethal objects that are present near your friend. Come what may, never leave your friend alone until the support people you contacted arrives at the scene.

What not to do?

Many a time, we unintentionally make situation more complicated and downgrade the scenario from bad to worse. The following are to be strictly followed while talking with your friend who has suicidal thoughts:

  • Never and ever argue with suicidal person and don’t threaten him with emotional speeches or present a talk on values of life.
  • Do not show yourself shocked – this may push your friend to take vigorous step.
  • Do not offer to fix the problem.
  • Never promise secrecy as you may have to confide the details to the psychiatrist to help him counsel your friend.

Your job does not end with referring your suicidal friend to the medical counselor. Be in touch with your friend, as your support is very much vital to achieve fast recovery. In short, if any of your friends have suicidal thoughts, do not shy away from the situation, but contact the renowned psychiatrist in Kondhwa, Pune. Remember, you can always save a life of your loved one.

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