4 – Mistakes To Avoid if Your Partner is of Avoidant Type

It is a well-known verity that sharing thoughts among each other paves way for a successful relationship between couples. It is proven through several studies that partners who share thoughts, however trivial they may be, with each other are likely to lead a happier life. But the real problem starts when a partner does not feel the necessity to share everything and finds it comfortable even for the counterpart to follow the same route. It is one of the bad ideas that aids in destructing a relationship, says a renowned psychologist in Pune. In fact, there are few more mistakes that should seldom be followed to save the relationship and here are they:

  1. Hiding the facts

Although cheating a partner on account of the relationship with the opposite sex is one of the possible reasons and there are many – failure to disclose a near miss accident, financial help offered to a close buddy, or reasons for being stuck up in the office on the anniversary eve also amounts to cheating. It is not that your partner would be annoyed to hear those facts, but he/she would be simmering with anger when it is heard through a second-hand source. The best way to save a relationship is to open your heart and speak out each and everything.

  • Short of satisfaction

Believe us, a lack of satisfaction can cause severe stress and lead to catastrophe in a relationship. The stress level shoots up when an individual feels that his / her counterpart does not reciprocate the satisfaction of a perfect relation and refrains from confiding more facts of life. This not only reveals a lack of open and great going relationship but also makes you uncomfortable to share stress among each other. Before the situation goes out for a spin, it is always better to alleviate stress gradually and open up conversation channels. For instance, begin it with a dining table and maintain gradual progress until the situation becomes conducive for both partners.

  • Invitation to stress

In several instances, there may not be much that has the potential to disrupt harmony between each other. But as the expectations could not match the benchmarks that were previously set, stress automatically pops up and starts the process of irritation and worry. Also, check whether the stress levels can be reduced by self medications such as yoga or any other activity that has the capability to thrash stress. In fact, it would also be a good idea to approach a professional psychiatrist in Pune for reaching the root of the problem and its elimination.

  • Detached support

Usually, avoidant personnel starve for a good relationship. But as a word of warning, immediately don’t jump into the situation and try to improve the relationship with a partner. Indulgence in day to day management of life should be developed slowly to make the supporting process robust. Prove to your counterpart that you can be dependable for small things and eventually garner enough support that is mutually beneficial to each other.

Perhaps, one of the best ways to solve the issue of break-ups is to respect the need for relationship. Although an avoidant individual is likely to stay away from any sort of gatherings and the situation can grow more devastating as time progresses. Hence it is advisable to play smart by building up the relationship slowly and gradually and gain the trust of a partner.

Well, we are not yet through – we all would love to work towards the right remedy. Perhaps humour and open-hearted communication could do the trick and provide the necessary roadmap for a slow but steady journey towards a peaceful life. If you are still facing the problem for unknown reasons, it is high time to reach out for the psychiatrist in Pune to achieve and regain that laughter filled moments of your life.

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