How To Cope With Depression After a Break Up

It is never easy when a relationship or marriage breaks and it can be one of the most stress filled events of our life that leads to depression, subdued immunity response and other health complications. The initial shock, as if hit by a massive vehicle, is sure to be followed with periods of loneliness and pain-filled moments. The reason for the split up can be anything and it may not be your fault at all. That being said, it can still make your world fallen apart and trigger you to have a feeling of heaviness. But life does not end here and there are plenty of ways to cope up with this feeling, get through this phase of life and go ahead, says a reputed psychotherapist in Pune. Let us see those methodologies that can make us learn a lot from past experience.

  • Let your feelings flow

As a golden rule to tackle stress, it would always do wonders if the feelings are shared with family members and friends whom you trust. Speaking out the feelings right out of your mind can not only be soothing but also greatly reduces the activities that are originating from the pain feeling sensors of your brain. As we speak out our feeling, hormones that act as natural pain killers of our body gets released and efficiently alleviates the stress created by the breakup.

  • Understand the emotions

It is quite natural to have anger, frustration, exhaustion, and sadness after a breakup, especially if the relationship was of longer duration. Don’t rush into the feeling of wellness but take your time to face the peak of pain. If necessary, cry and empty out the box of tissues. No doubt, the situation would turn miserable for a while, but subsequently, it would make you regain your confidence and move on with life.

  • Take a break

Give a break yourself from the routine life and it is fine even if you underperform, as no one has supernatural powers to immediately adapt to the changes in life and be as productive as earlier times. Remember, this is the time for re-healing and regrouping, and it does consume time.

  • Believe in future

Who said that break up of a relationship is the end of the road? Life is a long journey and it can still be enjoyed. It is true that all the hopes and visions of the future would have got shattered with the loss of a relationship, but be assured that new hopes and dreams of a future life would surely replace the older ones.

  • Refrain from alcohol or drugs

It is quite natural to be tempted to resort towards alcohol or drugs to cope up with the pain. Take it from us – no amount of alcohol or drugs can solve your misery. On the other hand, they can only increase the pain and in the long run, they can be destructive for your future. Remember, the need of the hour is to have good rest, healthy food, and a nice companion of trusted friends and family members.

  • Explore new avenues of interests

Why consider a breakup as an ending; it can very well be construed as a good beginning for a new chapter in life. Explore this line of thought and try to take up those interests and activities which you had been neglecting for a while. It can be anything; a venture with jungle safari, eco-tourism, or social services, for the objective, is to enjoy the present day life and forget the past.

If your feeling of helplessness persist for a long time or have trouble in regaining self-confidence to face the life again, it would not be a bad idea to seek the professional advice of our couple therapist in Pune. Don’t wait for long; life is full of surprises and with efforts from your side, it is quite possible to regain from the loss and enjoy the future.

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