8 Steps You Should Take Before Living with Your Partner

It is nice to hear that you and your partner have taken a big decision – to move in together. It needs to be accepted that living together is gradually gaining popularity even in a conservative society like us and it can be easily attributed to the changing mindset of the younger generation.  But have you reckoned the fact living together is not only about making a copy of the door key and shifting your household articles under a single roof? It requires a lot of thinking, commitment, and mutual understanding.

Many of the living in partnerships have turned turtle when they are decided in a jiffy without going through the ups and downs of it. “This is what we usually call as unplanned cohabitation and it always carries a higher proportion of risk factors for separation”, opines a highly reputed psychologist in Pune. If it is so, what are the factors that should be considered before toying with the idea of moving together? Let’s find it out.


  • Be financially clear


Although there are several financial perks associated with living under the same roof with your partner, it would be a good idea to spell out what you can contribute towards running the house and also what you expect from your partner. True, it does not sound romantic but makes sense for a long time association.


  • Be realistic


Having opted for cohabitation, don’t expect the life to be filled with harmonious aspects. It is quite natural to have disagreements between you two and what can make your living-in together venture successful is your ability to cope up with these differences and embrace the word ‘realistic approach’.


  • Talk it out


Let your feeling come out through your mouth and make your partner understand what you are, your habits, and expectations. You may love to finish your supper along with sunset, but that may be when your partner finds time for lunch. It is always better to talk out all the potential discrepancies now rather than waiting for them to blow up later.


  • Have an assessment


It is nothing wrong if you wish to assess the situation or in other words, have a trial run. Try to spend a time of at least a fortnight at each other’s house and see what elements of surprise pop up. Believe us, it gives you plenty of chances to know about each other when one is not enjoying the comfy zone of own home.


  • Have sufficient space


Although the concept of living-in together resonates with cost savings, that necessarily need not restrict your privacy. Make sure the apartment you have shortlisted for cohabitation provides enough space for you to be what you are. It may not be a completely isolated space like a room, but even a corner table to work or a recliner to read a book or catch a quick nap would do.


  • Divide the chores


Another huge advantage of living together deals with sharing of daily chores. Preparing the meal, washing the dishes, dusting, whatever are they, should be clearly spelt out. When they are mutually agreed upon, the chances of fingers pointing at each other over trivial matters would automatically come down.


  • Have good communication


Most of the time, it is very much common to get on each other’s nerve due to lack of proper communication. Don’t allow it to happen in your life. Let your partner hear what you admire and what makes you unhappy and also hear it out from your partner too.


  • Have mutual authority


You may be moving to your partner’s house for mutual benefit. Fair enough. But you need not hesitate to bring the things that bear your personalities such as your desk or a bookshelf. Present your stake for a mutual authority through discussions and arrive at the best decision.

Cohabitation can be highly successful only by understanding the realities, embracing the surprises, and most importantly, finding the remedial path for disagreements. When these aspects are not analyzed, the outcome is pretty much guessable – stress and pain, says one of the best doctors for depression in Pune.

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