Suicide is Not An Answer To Your Problems

If life is full of rose bed, wouldn’t we all get bored in a short span of time? It is those challenges in the life that gives us power and makes us stronger to handle the crisis. But few unfortunate individuals surrender meekly and dwell upon suicidal thoughts due to severe impact of mental illness like depression or a series of stressful events in life. In the first place, suicide is not the solution to your problem and it is just an attempt to push your burden on other’s shoulders. Nevertheless, having offered depression treatment in Pune for several individuals and brought them out of suicidal thoughts, we would like to present few tangible reasons for the same. Let us begin right away:

  1. You weren’t born loser: No individual was born in this world to lose. So why anyone should indulge and contemplate those negative thoughts such as quit, give up and so on. The first thing one ought to prove is that he or she isn’t a quitter and the rest can be tackled afterwards. And it should be understood that everybody have their own set of problems and you aren’t alone. If others can withstand, even you can.


  1. Things do change: Irrespective of your position or circumstances, things are bound to change at the earliest opportunity and why not make it a launching pad for your efforts. Remember improvement in situation can be brought over only through efforts and your suicidal thoughts or deeds are never going to help the cause.


  1. Suicides are irreversible: Most of the wrong actions and deeds we do in our day to day life can be reversed with little effort. But ending a life is not so. It is a one way traffic and if you choose to give up the most precious possession – your life, it may become the costliest mistake you have committed ever and unfortunately it can’t be undone.


  1. Options are plenty: Who said that all doors are shut? Perhaps you feel lost and helpless and hence couldn’t see other viable options that are strewn across you. But remember, solutions to your problems would not wait for you at your doorstep, but would definitely become visible once you channelize your mind towards relentless efforts. And as a first step towards achieving the goal, it is very much necessary to seek professional help, says one of the reputed psychological counselors in Pune.


  1. Help is waiting for you: It may be true that you are at the lowest point of confidence and exhausted all your options. But wait – have you sought the help of your near and dear ones, friends, well wishers, and all other sources those are waiting for you to come out of the mess. All it requires is your nod and take advantage of aid that comes towards you. Solutions for all problems do exist, but perhaps they may not be visible. Now the task is clearly cut; reach out for help from each and every quarter and start digging out those hidden solutions and make a difference in your life.


  1. Don’t get stamped as loser: How does it sound – a loser? In the event of you committing suicide, you would be remembered as a loser for creating a messy situation for your loved ones and forced them to lurch. But we are pretty sure that you were not anticipating those situations to pop up. Step out of your suicidal thoughts and put your full fledged efforts in rectifying the situation, advises the best psychologist in Pune.


  1. Don’t stop midway: Nobody likes to read only half a book or watch only the first one hour of a movie. Your life also demands a complete term and not a mid-term termination. Live a glorious life and don’t try to make yourself happy by making others sad.

Suicidal thoughts are not jokes and needs serious attention. If any of your friends and family members expresses suicidal thoughts, immediately bring them for counseling and psychiatric treatment in Pune.

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