How Being Single Can Affect Your Mental Health

In your opinion, what are those aspects that can contribute towards a good mental health? Well, you have guessed them right – good work environment, stress-free personal life, active lifestyle habits, and, of course, a balanced diet. But as per recent surveys conducted across several places, one more aspect needs to be evaluated – your marital status. It’s believed that being single can add to lowered mental health. The feeling of loneliness can impact your mental health eventually, causing people to feel vulnerable and anxious. If these feelings are familiar, it might be worth looking into ways to protect your mental health. For some people suffering from these feelings of depression and stress, they will look into getting some different strains of weed to combat these feelings. By visiting a website like, people can access weed to temporarily stop themselves feeling lonely and depressed. Perhaps this will improve your mental health without having to find a relationship straight away. These days, people could even get cannabis delivered to them, making it easier for them to access it. Due to how important it is to care for your mental health, people do use cannabis as a method of relaxation. Of course, cannabis also has many other health benefits, so it can really help people achieve wellness. To get some cannabis delivered, people could look into delivery portland oregon if they’re located in that area. If they’re not, there should be similar services in their local area. Cannabis is becoming much easier to access due to its health benefits, so it might be worth trying some to see if it impacts your mental health.

A new category

Even few decades back, much of the attention of academicians was devoted only to two statuses:

  • Married
  • Single – either due to divorce or death of spouse

But the present day circumstances have forced the academicians to go for another category – ‘never married’. The steady growth of people under this category has made research scientists study in depth about their behavior patterns and mental health, says a Psychiatrist in Pune. Believe us, the outcome of the results were quite shocking.

  • Adult men who have never married or attempted living together have higher risk of getting depressed and undergoing panic disorder.
  • Adult women who have never married were at greater risk for substance abuse.

As very less information is available and further research are still underway, it is very difficult in present circumstances to substantiate the reason behind single men more prone to mental health problem than their married counterparts. That being said, few reports suggest that the mental trauma faced by these single adults during their childhood also plays a vital rule.

Remarriage improves health

A marriage break-up or a failure in a relationship is bound to break hearts and pave way for several sorts of mental problems. But a scientific research based on partnership relationships and middle aged persons depicts a clear picture of these adults regaining perfect mental health after developing new relationship or remarriages. Let us have a glance on the results:

  • Marriages or re-marriages are beneficial for all mid-aged adults and it is shade better for men than women.
  • ‘Never married’ category adults are the worst sufferers of the complete lot.
  • Divorced or widowed single adults mental health keeps on dipping southwards as they approach middle age.
  • Married adults are the happiest adults and have very good mental health.
  • Remarriage of single adults makes them bounce back in mental health and be on par with other adults who had always remained married.

Depression among singles:

But what is the most plaguing mental issue among singles? Without any second thoughts, it is depression that is creating havoc in the life of singles, confirms a best psychological counselor, Pune. As per World Health Organization (WHO), single adults definitely have couple of times more chances of depression than others and among them men possess a greater risk than women. Due to depression, the life goes for a complete spin and results in physiological and social problems too.

  • Overeating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Complete drainage of energy
  • Feeling of frustration and worthlessness
  • Loss of opportunities due to minimal outside activities.

How to correct the problem

  • Singles should ward off mental problems by focusing their attention on various outside activities that spans across their field of interest.
  • The need of the hour is active outdoor life with balanced lifestyle habits and diet needs.
  • Also the bonus of indulging in outside activities lies in its ability to create more opportunities for new relationships.
  • It is very much necessary to cultivate good spending habits, as singles are known for depression arising out of financial needs.

If these self regulating techniques do not yield results, it is always advisable to seek professional psychiatric help.

There is nothing wrong, if your preferred choice of marital status is single. And definitely with little caution over financial matters and abundance of outside activities, you can definitely relish being single without an iota of worry about mental health problems. If you need further information or techniques to keep depression at bay, you can always schedule an appointment with us and seek the advice from the best psychologist in Pune.

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