How Your Job Can Affect Your Mental Health

Most of us spend a considerable time of waking hours in our workplace and so would it not be great if it contributes towards better mental health. Unfortunately, either we are not blessed with a mentally pleasing work environment or fail to capitalize on the opportunities to create one. How many times you have thought about your constant career growth efforts ruining your overall health? In today’s highly competitive business world, job stress could drive us towards unhealthy mental issues. Moreover, several works related behaviours and practices have huge potential to create an irreversible toll on mental and emotional wellness warns one of the reputed psychological counselors in Pune.

So, what are the factors in our job style or environment that can affect our mental health? Unless we can pinpoint these factors, it is not possible to find a remedy for these troublesome issues. Having offered psychiatric treatment in Pune for various individuals cutting across job profiles and positions, we have shortlisted the salient ones below:

  • All work and no play:  Working for extended hours, less vacation and delayed retirements have become an unwritten norm for employees who seek to achieve the title of ‘star employee’. Apparently this may make you stand apart from the crowded workforce, but in the long run, most of them develop depression and become ineligible to enjoy the gifted human life.


  • Staying with the job you hate: Financial rewards of your job may compel an individual to stay back with the organization, even if mental satisfaction is not achieved. Both business house and employees are eventually at loss when an emotional attachment does not get developed between them. It should be borne in the mind that side effects can extend well beyond the mental illness and lead to exhaustion and complete burnout, says a reputed Psychiatrist in Pune.


  • Lack of appreciation: It is quite common in a workplace to find lack of appreciation from the higher quarters and in a few cases, the credit of work may be awarded to another individual. No, it is not only about the question of financial rewards, but also the word of recognition. Workplace politics is one of the major culprits that eventuality destroys the self-confidence and motivation of a dedicated employee.


  • Long commuting hours: This is one of the crucial factors that affect individuals working in a highly populated urban area. Even before commencing the daily activities amidst competitive business environments, the gruelling experience of commuting drains the energy right at the beginning of the day and makes us worn out by the time we reach back home at the end of the day.


  • Working without breaks: No, we aren’t talking about vacation trips, but for short breaks in between your daily work. Again, the majority of us do not take short breaks apart than for lunch, just because we either feel guilty to do so or feel that it should not be done.

What is the way out?

  • A five-minute break for every hour would not only enhance your productivity but also would not strain energy levels.
  • Indulge in vacations at least once in a year. They not only fill you with happy memories but also provide rejuvenating energy levels for the next campaign in the workplace.
  • Cultivate the habit of prioritizing the jobs and prepare a balanced schedule with a key focus on not stretching yourself beyond your capacity.
  • Put you all efforts to create a friendly working atmosphere. Speak out with your colleagues and try to resolve all conflicts with positive and amicable solutions.
  • Be liberal in praising the efforts of your superiors and subordinates and recognize their efforts.
  • Try to identify any signs of stress levels and do not hesitate to seek professional help at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you are still finding to cope up with the work pressure or not happy with your productivity, do not take a hasty decision of quitting. Seek professional psychiatric help and you would be surprised to learn various methodologies on how to manage work-related stress.

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