How Internet Addiction Linked to Other Mental Health Problems?

Aided with mind-boggling developments in technology, there can’t be a second opinion on the role the internet is playing in our day to day work, social, and home front tasks. Sure, it is a highly convenient media, but is there any flip side to it? Yes, say the researchers who have found that individuals who spend lots of time on the internet may also have other mental health problems. This is one of the stunning results that have shaken the psychological medicine arena, says a psychological counsellor in Pune.

Although there are no well set or defined rules for internet addiction, researchers have tried to draw the line to identify the potential patients. When we say the internet, it is not only about seeking information or data from the virtual world.  It can be for entertainment, video streaming, gaming, social media, instant messages, online shopping, or any other aspect that involves the internet. So, it is not unusual to see psychological counsellors deploying several strategies:

  • Gaming Addiction Short Scale
  • Compulsive Internet Use Scale
  • Internet addiction test (IAT)
  • Dimensions of Problematic Internet Use (DPIU)

Research details:

The assessment was carried out on young students (late teens), out of which, nearly half of them had tested positive for the screening evaluation based either on IAT or DPIU. With a sample size of 254 consisting of three-fourth girls, the results of students who had tested positive for IAT or DPIU were more than an eye opener for the present generation.

  • Remarkable observations in functional impairment, depression, and symptoms of anxiety, and attention problems were noted.
  • Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were also observed.

Interestingly, another research conducted by Greek scientist put forth more or less a similar report – around one-third of the internet addiction patients had developed a sort of personality disorder or mental health issues.

Of course, it could not be substantially established that the current results were either causes or end results. Also, it is not yet clear what causes the temptation to instantly reply to those messages through social media apps. Anyway, it is clear that the chances are quite high for patients with internet addiction to have depression or anxiety and definitely needs to be evaluated and treated thoroughly before it blows out to be a larger issue. Remember the impact of internet addiction may turn from bad to worse, when it clubs hands with other forms of mental disorder, warns the best psychiatrist in Pune.

With children finding it convenient to kill their leisure time through the internet, the task is tough indeed. But as a loving parent, is it not your duty to safeguard the health of your child? Being a recent phenomenon of fewer than two decades, therapists are demanding more concrete research work pertaining to internet addiction to zero in the causes and end results. But it is definitely not an overnight work and may even take a few years to come out with a solution. But until then, if you find your child or little adults engaged constantly with the internet, it is high time to approach us for Internet Addiction Treatment in Pune at our clinic and avoid potential damages in future.

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