Parents Guide to Autism

Here is a generic parenting guide towards better grooming of children with autism

Parenting is a great responsibility and upon this depends the entire future and prospects of the child. While parenting itself is a challenge in modern context, the demands get further tough when the parents get to know that their child suffers from some mental disorder that cannot be easily overcome. The major problem develops from the trauma that the father and mother suffer after knowing this fact and this complicates the problem. Autism is one such condition that affects the children who show up signs of impaired interaction and communication within the family and in social circles including among the peers. The reduced or impaired ability to interact and communicate makes the learning process difficult while the child finds a problem in finding the appropriate attention also. Only a proper strategy on the part of parents can help their children in overcoming the difficulties and get going good in all dimensions, says leading child psychologist in Pune.


A parent’s guide for better outcomes

A guide for the parents with autistic child include the following attributes and components –

  1. Start treatment early

Never delay the treatment if you suspect that your child is lagging behind in the interaction, development and communicative attributes. One major problem is that most parents keep waiting and never recognise the problem which only deteriorates the condition and reduces the chances of success of the treatment. The early your start the treatment the more manageable the condition would be. Many psychiatric hospitals in Pune offer primary counselling to the parents post the diagnosis of autism disorder in the child.

  1. Try to research your child

While it could be very difficult to cope with the trauma, the only good hope lies through special parenting and for this, both father and mother need to better understand the behaviour patterns and overall attributes of the child.

  1. Be patient

You need to be patient and never lose the calm; because autism children suffer from the developmental and communicative difficulties!

  1. Consistency in approach

You need to be consistent which means that the special parenting should not suffer any gaps. Your child needs your special attention without break!

  1. Schedule is important

Make a schedule to train your child through dedicated techniques. This schedule helps the child mind to develop in a better manner and bypass the routine difficulties.

  1. A safe zone for your child to play and relax

Create a safe physical zone in which you can allow the child to play and relax without any restrictions. This would not only help the better management of child but you would also feel secure.

  1. Establish a mutual code of non-verbal connection with child

Try developing a non-verbal connect with the child so that the chances of making verbal communication is reduced and the child suffers less of anxiety.

  1. A personalised plan to complement the medication

Make a personal custom plan as per the behaviour of your child and this would complement the medication.

  1. Community help and support groups

Seek out help from the autism support groups and also reach out to the community centres that are dedicated to the autism parenting. The advantage would be that you could learn what other parents are trying successfully and which techniques could be replicated in your case.

  1. Keep self-prepared for the challenge

Look out for self also so that you never fall short of the parenting that is the only hope for your child. Try to remain aloof from the stressors and this would be a challenge for you too!

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