What are the benefits of premarital counselling

See how premarital counselling could be a gift towards happy married life in prospects


The development of civilisation took place much ago in our long history of socio-cultural evolution. We also established some time-tested concepts like marriage and family as the basis of society much early. While these concepts have stood tough to bear the load of society throughout, some deviations also emerged like the breakdown of family and marital relationship. It is troublesome to note that the trend is an upswing one thereby signifying the threat to the social fabric. Responding to this grave challenge, the wise and intelligent men have come up with dedicated concepts of high practical relevance. Premarital counselling is one such concept that offers to serve as the buffer to save the marriage and keep it going in a healthy way so that the society is not threatened.


Strange it may appear that we have formulated one such concept that aims to teach us the techniques of good couple life while we ourselves have been the bearers of this great and pious institution – called as ‘marriage’! Couple therapist in Pune lists the following benefits of premarital counselling for the couples who have decided to tie the knot soon.

1. Relationship attributes and expectations counselling for the couple

The foremost task performed by the premarital counsellors pertains to the general counselling regarding marriage, the relationship and the expectations from each other. This forms the basis of the premarital counselling and the aim is to teach ‘to be’ husband and wife the attributes of marriage. The two get to know as what would be the expectations from each other and thus they also develop a generic sense of what and how to behave with each other.

2. Behavior analyses for the duo

In this stage, the counselling becomes customised and the counsellor studies the behaviours of the future husband and wife. Here the characteristic facts are revealed and the counsellor also judges the potential compatibility. This allows him to offer more refined advice regarding how they should work out their future relationship in a healthy manner. Leading psychiatric hospitals in Pune offer behaviour counselling as also therapies to weed out the negative components in behaviour.

3. Avoidance of ‘potential’ conflicts in marital relationship

This marks the practical and most important dimension of premarital counselling. In this stage, the counsellor lists the potential issues that could crop between the husband and wife. Such advice is based on the preceding stage wherein the behaviours are thoroughly studied. The future husband and wife get to know about the potential threats to their marital relation and they develop an inherent caution which helps them to avoid the issues so that these never become grave enough to deliver divorce.

4. Avoidance of ‘potential’ conflicts in family matters

Couple therapist in Pune says that this is the later stage where the potential conflicts are considered but the focus is on the disputes and issues that could emerge in a family matter like the child rearing and upbringing. Such counselling helps the couple to make a good and happy family by avoiding the potential tussles of futility.

5. Keep the marriage healthy and vibrant

A general end stage counselling is done to connect the dots and offer the common techniques related to good and happy living and avoidance of family stressors as also the ways to seek happiness through all possible means so that the issues are subjugated.

6. What’s meant to be will be

Sometimes, no matter how much counselling you receive the marriage was never meant to work because you are your partner are not as compatible as you first believed. If this does happen then make sure that you have a great lawyer like Nathens, Siegel LLP divorce law firm in Toronto, which will help to ensure that this process does not drag out any longer than it needs to and you can continue on with your life.

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