10 Quick ways to Improve Mental Health

Our mind is a complex organic whole that processes mammoth information relating to life routines and life objectives! It is our processing center that leads our life completely and all the thoughts developing there are a result of intricate biochemistry in the mind that is transmitted through the electric signals. Such an explanation may seem very mechanical but there is another side of it and this relates to the emotions which are the vital ingredients that condition our life, thoughts, and personality in totality. This is the reason that we feel sad or get happy sometimes!

The emotions coupled with the rational thoughts continue to rule us for life; the interplay sometimes could get disturbed when we feel the load of stressors – be these physical or psychological. Our mental health is then at stake because our mind is being pushed to its limits! Anxiety, depression, insomnia & OCD are just a few signs and conditions to name when our mental health is compromised even a little. Noted psychological counselors in Pune say that a large part of the global population is witnessing fall in mental health in one or the other form. They opine that lifestyle and perceptional changes are at the core of such problems and an ordinary individual could cope with such compromised states easily through some simple tips which ask for positive attitudes and lifestyles. Luckily, there are so many techniques available these days that help people to better their mental health. From meditating to trying herbal products, there should be something that everyone can benefit from. Some people have recently been finding that CBD-based products can help them to feel de-stressed and relaxed. If anyone would like to try CBD products, they could always shop now at gotflora.com, for example. Perhaps that will help some people to feel better mentally, hopefully allowing them to improve their wellness. However, that’s only one method, there are so many others. For example, here are 10 quick tips to help improve one’s mental health.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is considered as one of the finest tonics for the brain. Proper meditation relieves the brain of its stressful chemicals and soothes the unsought and negative thought processes to generate calmness.

  1. Yoga pranayams

Specific pranayams like anulom vilom and deep breathing can generate vital resurrections in falling brain health and have the potential to control dementia! Regular practice of these should be made part of the routine.

  1. Lighter exercise few times a week is a good!

According to a leading psychiatrist in Pune, moderate physical exercise releases endorphins and good chemicals in body and brain and these relieve the suppressed states.

  1. Take a good sleep

Ensure that you are not getting sleep deprived as this could worsen your mental health very fast. At least plan a long indulgent sleep at weekends if you are feeling stressed physically or mentally.

  1. Shed your digital paraphernalia for some time

Leave back your digital turfs and social networking for some time and live solo. This way you can escape the comparative burdens between you and others who are happy!

  1. Plan your hobby time to relax and rejuvenate

Never allow your hobbies and fancies to pass into the doldrums. Plan your weekend with your favorite task!

  1. Write down your worries and throw them away to feel unburdened

It has been found in a study that writing down the worries and then throwing it away relieves psychological stress.

  1. A diet good for your brain

Eat healthy, especially the foods that are good for a brain like walnuts and spinach.

  1. Natural adaptogens; but only upon prescription!

Brahmi is a potent natural adaptogen that strengthens the brain against stress. But take it on expert’s prescription only!

  1. Travel alone

According to psychological counselors in Pune, travelling solo helps diversify your perception of things as you witness new situations. Chances are good that you will find a positive lead that will inspire you for life!


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