How to handle aggression in Child?

Child psychologies are very different from those of the adults. They are in the transition stage and their mind keeps learning always after acquiring the inputs. Their perception of things is dynamic rather than stable and moreover, they seek the desirable behaviors from the peers and family members. When they find the people around them not behaving in a desired manner or things not happening as per their choice they could get aggressive! Aggression in children is therefore very common and the real challenge of parenting lies in controlling this aggression and such other unsought dimensions that show up during nurturing. If their aggression is conditioned as a positive energy then it could augment their potential and would help them to overcome hurdles; if left in the negative direction, it would spoil them for sure. Leading child Psychologist in Pune has offered vital recommendations for the parents who want to handle aggression traits in their child in a better manner.

Your behavior is most important! 

The most important determinant of your child’s aggression is how you react towards him. Your child looks up to you while showing aggressive behavior and wishes the response which should have attention, compassion, guardianship, justice and above all love and affection! The relative demand for these ingredients could vary in each behavior but the wise parents and especially the mother knows what the child is demanding.

Child’s aggression is just the secondary medium to showcase the disparity that his mind perceives and the solution to which is sought. What if you react with a slap on the face? That could be cited as the worst reaction; something that would certainly make your child more aggressive! So try to be positive and compassionate while handling your child in aggressive states and you will find the resurrections emerging!

Attention and affection is the key to success

 Your attention and love could make the difference for the child! You offer your attention and affection to the child and aggression would fall because it is really short statured against the power of love!

Monitor their company

 See with whom your child is playing outside and what games he is interested in! This will give you a clue as for why aggression is increasing. Psychologist in Pune says that as part of good parenting you need to be vigilant of this dimension and need to control the bad affinities, especially at the time of adolescence.

Cure their TV programs spectrum

According to a leading clinic offering psychiatric treatment in Pune, it is better to cultivate in your child, the habit of watching good TV programs like nature series and music and good peaceful movies; as aggression oriented shows like fights, action movies could glamorize in him, the aggressive tendencies.

 Company and talking is good

 These days, living solo has become the norm and parents even when they have some time, they try to spend the same on themselves. Shun this selfish habit and engage in company with your child who is still growing and learning. Talk with him good things!

Comparative neglect between two children is very bad

Never develop neglect (unknowingly or otherwise) against one child, if you are nurturing two at a time. This is a sure generator of aggression!

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