Every night you try to fall asleep, you harm your sleep

Sleep in a natural state of mind and body; which benefits our mind, heart, weight and more. It is a chemical and biological need of the body. Still, it has become a blessing which may people are not blessed with. Today’s demanding lifestyles, jobs, stress and many health issues disrupt this natural process. These causes make falling and staying asleep really difficult for many people. The increasing number of patients seeking insomnia treatment in Pune is a proof of that.

It’s easy to decide a certain strict time for bed but actually falling asleep is another story. People become desperate and start trying really hard to fall asleep which in return makes it worst. Instead of getting out of bed and doing something we wait for sleep to come. Even constantly tossing and turning in bed in order to find a comfortable position to help you go to sleep does not work. In fact, it makes you more sleep deprived

As per the sleep specialist in Pune when we actively start putting efforts to fall asleep we make it worse due to these reasons-

  • Our body becomes more alert instead of relaxing when we are forcing ourselves to sleep.

  • Then more unsuccessful efforts lead to more stress which further hinders sleep.

  • We become more alert and start focusing on sounds and other distractions like as minute as a noise of ticking of the wall clock.

The first thing the sleep specialist tell their patients is to be out of bed because lying in bed and forcing yourself to sleep is the worst solution to your problem. Sleep requires calmness and relaxation and not stress and restlessness. It might even make your body associate your bed and sleeping space to a stress of not falling asleep, which will make it less conducive to sleep.

So, the best things to do in order to fall asleep are got out of bed and do the following-

  • Stop stressing about sleep- If you keep worrying about not being able to sleep, it will make it worse as relaxation is the key to sleep.

  • Low impact activity- Indulge in some low impact activity like playing some musical instrument, knitting, drawing etc. Even doing chores liking picking up clutter which you can do at a very relaxed pace can help you fall asleep. Opt for chores which does not make too much noise.

  • Avoid screen time – Televisions, mobiles, computers all emit a blue light which signals your body to be awake. It really violates sleep hygiene.

  • Reading- Reading is well known to lull people to sleep but avoid reading all the interesting stuff which will make you more alert. Try to read something which is not that thrilling, books you have left half read as you lost interest might really help you sleep, though reading on an electronic device is a big no.

  • Avoid night exercise – If you think that exercising at night will tire you and will help you sleep then you are wrong. It will not help you sleep at all. So, avoid exercising at night

 But the best you can do is just stop worrying about sleep.

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