How to deal with Social Phobia?

Much of what we do in our day-to-day interactions with colleagues, friends, significant others and public involves communication in one form or the other. The better we are in this aspect of our life, the more successful we will become. Many people suffer from social phobia called social anxiety disorder (sad), which is fear of communicating socially. These people normally fear to be in social gatherings and avoid such situations. People struggle even with most of the basic tasks like eating in public, talking with friend or relatives, discussing in groups with the fear that they might get wrong and people may laugh on them. They experience different kind of physical symptoms of anxiety like sweating, increased heart beat and even vomiting in worst case. They fear that they will do something embarrassing and will be judged although it is completely normal to have social anxiety or fear up to certain extent. There are many ways to deal with it.

Know yourself

The foremost tool to deal with social phobia is to know yourself. You only can have better idea about the particular situations that might trigger your anxiety. Start maintaining a log of situations, which triggers your anxiety. Try to jot down every situation that happened to cause anxiety with date, situation and type of anxiety, which may help you to know about the most sensitive issues.

With the clear and listed concerns, you can question and challenge yourself. With time, you can find the best ways to deal with such situations and let the negativity go out of your system.

Be relaxed and confident

People who are more relaxed to situations are more presentable. Feeling anxious can lead to even difficult situations. To relax yourself breath calmly and relax your body.

Thoughts that are bothering you are of your own thinking only. It is not important that everyone likes you. Do not take yourself so seriously as no one else is taking. Do not worry about being wrong as it is completely normal and common. Positive and confident thinking would help you to make your way.

Talking is good

Communication is an art. Express yourself, your opinion on any issue being discussed. Share your thoughts, stories, incidents happened with you. Talk about silly things. Try to meet new people and expand your social network. Try to be a good ambassador to your field.


Many a times talking in public or professional grounds makes you feel awkward. Accept yourself the way you are and seek for professional help. Go for some counselling sessions. Do not hesitate to discuss with your therapist. There are good therapist/counsellor who helps you to come out of it. Counselling helps you to practice new rational thoughts and belief with the help of which you can boost your overall confidence.

Live life

No one is perfect in this imperfect world. Do not let anything ruin your life. Enjoy life to its fullest. Adopt a positive life approach. Go party and travel with your friends. Interaction with other people gives you more exposure to deal with such situations.

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