Stress and Depression – An Alarming Concern for the Heart Patients

Depression, in a person suffering from a cardiovascular disease, is more common compared to the rest of the population. Also, a person suffering from a cardiovascular disease is more prone to depression which results in a fatality.

Cardiovascular disease and heart attacks are becoming more common in our society due to a number of factors; smoking, negligence of health, and of course, depression and stress. Even in young people, heart attacks are striking and causing fatalities. If caught early, heart attacks can be treated and fatality can be avoided. With more and more heart attacks occurring to a variety of people, it’s important that we can all ensure that treatment is accessible for us, and health insurance is definitely the way to go about it. Without health insurance, treatment will not be affordable.

Stress and depression may not be the only reason behind heart attacks but it does affect our heart. It is quite challenging to link heart disease with the first episodes of depression. However, expert Psychiatrist in Pune, Dr. Manish Bajpayee believes both depression and heart disease often occur together.

Have you been feeling depressed, hopeless, or unworthy lately?

Have you been least interested in doing things you were once passionate about?

Do not ignore these early symptoms of depression. Speak to a doctor about treatment options, be it with help from weed dispensary denver services or otherwise. Stress, on the other hand, can be a way towards forming a depression. Human minds are developed in such a manner where over thinking can naturally develop guilt on that particular matter. This guilt can and cannot take the shape of being depressed and deteriorate our overall health.

Depression and Heart

A person with depression or a person who is recovering from a recent heart attack has a lesser chance of recovery than people without depression. The reasons can be as natural as it seems like:

  • Depressed people lack the motivation to follow the daily chores of life. This leads them towards skipping meals, medicines, and daily activities important for a body to function normally.
  • Depression occurs when your nervous system lacks stability. This hormonal imbalance disturbs the heart rhythm, making the body more susceptible to a heart attack.
  • People fighting depression are found having sticky platelets. This stickiness can possibly result in blood clotting thus accelerating atherosclerosis (a condition occurs on the hardening of the arteries).

Heart Disease Recovery and Depression Support

Medical advancements have truly been the miracle for human lifecycle. As a result, there are various types of support available for people to overcome depression or any cardiac events. However, this doesn’t mean we should lose sight of how important prevention of heart disease should be. Lowering cholesterol using 1000 mg cbd oil concentrate might be one of the best ways to kick off an avoiding heart disease action plan.

1) There are antidepressant medications available for some people fighting depression moods. Consult your psychotherapist in Pune for such medication as the results vary from patient to patient.

2) Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is given to the patients for rapid improvement if he/she intended to be suicidal.

3) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another excellent therapy used to fight depression. The treatment involves learning to control the negative thoughts and combat our emotions.

Dr. Manish Bajpayee has been helping people recover depression and other emotional challenges for decades now. Sadness is a natural emotion we all face at some point in our life. But, if it is something you feel most of the time and outrage with guilt, you must seek for an immediate medication because these can be the early signs of depression and the recovery process is not an exception; it is the rule to overcome depression.

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