5 Signs You Have Dual Diagnosis and Need Immediate Treatment

It is devastating to witness your loved ones struggling with co-occurring disorder due to substance abuse and mental illness. Medically, this situation is termed as a dual diagnosis and demands an immediate expert therapy. It’s not always easy to tell someone you care about that he/she is living under the influence of drug abuse and needs the help of a drug rehab center like Enterhealth (https://enterhealth.com/residential-drug-alcohol-addiction-treatment/), yet it needs to be done. Sometimes, we have to be cruel to be kind, as they say.

Not Sure Whether Your Loved One Has Been Influenced With Substance Abuse?

Many times, we fail to observe the real reason behind a person’s changing behavior but you certainly don’t want to believe that he/she can become a drug abuser. Dr. Manish Bajpayee – a well-renowned and highly-accomplished psychotherapist in Pune believes drug abuse can potentially alter every single aspect of a person’s life and therefore, he, with his expertise and friendly guidance, has helped many people fight their drug addiction and live a healthy normal life.

Signs you can look for in a drug abuser

1) Personality Changes:

The person might experience significant mood swings and couldn’t keep up with their ongoing normal life. One day they are over the moon and societal and the next day becomes gloomy and sullen. The person will more likely develop a negative personality and achieve comfort in living within his thoughts.

2) Rising Health Issues

When a person continuously abuses substance and drugs, it can drastically affect his health. On the other hand, the patient can experience decreased immune system as a result of ongoing drug and alcohol consumption. A substance abuser will quite often remain under the influence of bad health and develop chronic illness.

3) Personal Relationship Complications

Keeping up with a healthy relationship can at times get challenging for normal people too. But, if a person is a drug abuser he is more likely to face hardships and complications in the relationships. Dishonesty, unfaithfulness, lack of responsibility, and self-centered behavior can crash down their personal life with wife, children, friends, colleagues, and families.

4) Challenges at Job

Many chronic drug addicts’ performance at work seems not up to the mark and often develops this attitude that certainly explains the organization or his job position has become least of his concerns.

5) Financial Hardships

Financial struggles have always been a part of the picture for substance and drug abusers. Due to the lack of stability in their professional life and drugs being expensive, they might develop a worse aggressive nature towards everything.

If you are aware of any such person with the aforementioned symptoms, consult Dr. Manish Bajpayee – the country’s one of the finest psychiatrist in Pune and help him/her live this beautiful life to the fullest.

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