Could Lack of Exercise be the Root Cause of Your Child’s Drug Problem?

The drug problem prevailing amongst adolescents In India is well known. In a state like Punjab, at least one drug addict can be found in nearly 50 percent of households. Also, survey reports reveal that almost 70 percent of youths are addicted to drugs and use them on a regular basis. Health experts opine that youngsters are at a greater risk of becoming addicts as compared to adults because when one start drugs at a young age, that person is more likely to become an addict. If addiction does start to tarnish the lives of people you are close to, it’s worth knowing there are places they can visit to help them in their recovery journey. These places include couples rehabs, which are focused on helping couples that are both recovering from addiction problems. If you know any couples that would benefit from addressing their substance issues, you might want to recommend one of these places to them.

Are you one of those parents who are worried about the drug addiction of your son? Do not worry!

At present, your son’s brain is still at a growing stage and the decision or choices he makes at the current stage will set the foundation for all the choices and decisions he is likely to make in his life in future. This clearly implies that you have one of the best opportunities to bring about a change in his life but time is the only constraint. Hence it is crucial that you try to do everything that is within your power to bring him out of drug addiction before time gets lost.

First and foremost is that you need to locate a very good de-addiction center or Nasha Mukti Kendra closer to home or locality. Say for instance if you are a resident of Pune, then you need to locate a Vyasan Mukti Kendra in Pune. These de-addiction centers in Pune or Nasha Mukti Kendra in Pune do a very good job of providing treatment to the addicted youths. These de-addiction centers have resident doctors who attend to drug-addicted patients 24/7 by providing the right kind of medication and counseling.

Understanding the reason for your son’s addiction to drugs will help you to support him while he is on treatment.

Though there are many reasons as to why youngsters get attracted to drugs. Some reasons are found to be more strong and consistent as compared to others. Also, certain reasons are found to be stronger at certain ages than the rest.

Listed below are some of the powerful reasons that drive today’s youngsters to consume drugs. The link between the reasons for youngsters to seek drugs thus finally driving them towards drug addiction has been found to be strong under the following circumstances:

The relationship between lack of Physical activity and drug addiction:

The studies undertaken in the last few years reveal that there is a strong link between addiction and physical activity more so among the youth. It is seen that youngsters who are physically active are less likely to get attracted to drugs as compared to their inactive peers. This is due to the fact that exercise protects such youngsters from anxiety and depression and also helps build self-esteem, social confidence and body image thus helping them to remain away from drugs.


Exercise Encourages Sobriety:

Alcohols including other addictive substances are dopamine boosters as they tend to act on the brain to excite the reward center. The greater your son uses these substances, the higher are his chances of falling prey to dopamine release thus making it more difficult for him to quit. The only way to make him quit is by retraining his brain to derive pleasure or reward from varied other situations and activities.

Inactivity the Leading Problem:

As per a recent study report, Indian youths have been found to be the least physically active in the whole world. This clearly suggests that the inactivity could be one of the leading causes for so many youngsters in India falling prey to addictive tendencies. It fact has become a vicious cycle. But how to help the youngsters to be more active is the question. For this, you as parents need to get educated first.

Addiction Treatment that focuses on Physical Activity:

To encourage permanent change in the behavior of your ward, as a parent, you need to take him away from his everyday surroundings to make him experience a new way of life, far away from those surroundings that trigger his addiction. This is where the Vyasan or Nasha Mukti Kendra and De-addiction Centres are of great help to an addict to come out of his addiction.

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