3 Myths Surrounding Blushing and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Have you ever felt so embarrassed that your face turns red, your heart starts beating faster than ever, and you feel as if you are under the spotlight? It is natural to feel nervous in such a situation when you feel as if all eyes are on you. However, it is important to understand that blushing is perfectly normal and the physiological response of your body could make you feel nervous or anxious. Although blushing is natural it can be troublesome at times and is also the epicenter of misunderstandings and emotional pain. Often, people could wrongly assume that you may be hiding something or embarrassed when its nothing but your anxiety acting up.


There are several myths about blushing which are misunderstood on many levels and this blog will provide clarity regarding the topic. Mr. Manish Bajpayee is one of the most experienced psychologists in Pune and has treated hundreds of patients in the most efficient and methodic manner. Understanding their pain points, hearing them out patiently, and offering the best social phobia treatment in Pune are some of the key points that make him one of the best psychiatrists in Pune.


Let’s discuss the myths about blushing and find out what the real deal is!


1. When you blush, it means you are embarrassed.


Although blushing may have a connection with emotions such as anger, excitement, and embarrassment, it also has strong links with medical problems as well. Medical problems including, carcinoid syndrome, menopause, fever, and medicines used to treat diabetes and high cholesterol have links with blushing.


2. One can stop blushing if they try hard enough


This is not true again. In fact, when you start blushing, the blood vessels in the face expand which enables more blood to flow to the skin. The small muscles in the blood vessels ensure that the vessels in the face are squeezed slightly. However, when you blush, the nerves transmit signals to relax the muscles. As this is automatic, it is not possible to stop it and thus, the more you try to stop blushing, the redded you get.


3. Everyone with social anxiety disorder blushes


It is true that blushing is one of the symptoms of social anxiety disorder but not every person with SAD has blushing problems. Moreover, not everyone who blushes has social anxiety disorder although it is true that individuals with SAD with blushing problems turn red very frequently.


Dr. Maneesh Bajpayee is one of the best psychiatrists in Pune with rich and vast experience in offering social phobia treatment in Pune. He uses his expertise to understand what his patients are going through and based on their inputs, offers the best solutions to overcome their problems.

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