What Is Geriatric Psychiatrist and Who Should Seek Assistance from Him?

Geriatric care is a relatively newer field of medical study; after the special needs of the elderly were considered as distinct and substantive. Older people have been always admired for their wisdom and vision but degeneration of the body and mind are equally true for them. They have to struggle to remain buoyant because of the lack of energy and nutrition and many more factors that are psychological (family and relations are among the chief determinants)! Degenerative disorders like dementia and depression are among the conditions that bother the elderly and geriatric psychiatrist is the right medical practitioner to address them correctly. His role is to offer mediated assistance and apply the right mix of approaches to ensure the resurrections in older adults.


Who is a geriatric psychiatrist?


A geriatric psychiatrist is a medical practitioner who is well trained for providing dedicated assistance to the elder persons suffering from mental conditions arising out of old age. While many degenerative disorders affect the elderly such as dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, depression and anxiety, most such conditions also produce their psychological impacts that are equally undesirable and reduce the life quality for the old age adults. A geriatric psychiatrist’s role, according to a leading psychologist is Pune is to control and eliminate these symptoms so that life quality could be maintained at optimum levels for the bearers.


Who should seek assistance from a geriatric psychiatrist?


An elderly person who is experiencing symptoms derived from physical or mental conditions related to old age can approach a geriatric psychiatrist for assistance. The chief role of the psychiatrist is to offer positive counselling to the patient who is unable to cope well with the psychological and other symptoms of his old age conditions. Through patience and mediated care, the elderly can regain health and mental bouncy that otherwise gets affected for the bad, opines best psychiatrist in Pune.


A geriatric psychiatrist intervenes through necessary medical prescriptions that are determined to offer the nutrition and correction towards attaining the good balance of mind and body in the individual. One to one counselling lets the person to take care of the dimensions that are significant to eliminate the negative psychology and associated symptoms of it, says the top geriatric psychiatrist doctor in Pune.



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