Quick and Easy Treatment of Chronic Insomnia

Insomnia is a common yet ignored problem in the Indian context, specifically. Not sleeping properly affects your body, both physically and mentally disastrously. Stress regarding work or family can trouble your sleep for a few days but then has a lasting impact. Habits associated with not sleeping like looking at the clock, lying in bed without being able to fall asleep don’t go easy.

Psychiatrist in Pune suggests that insomnia is not an innocuous disease; it can affect the body physically and mentally and may result in fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, and anxiety. Getting rid of insomnia can take a long time and a lot of efforts. Some people switch to medication and rely on sleeping pills, which affect the body negatively. Whereas, some rely on acupressure and use magnets to make the pressure points help them fall asleep.

The most effective and widely used method of treating insomnia is the behavioural approach, which is called ‘stimulus control therapy,’ according to the practitioners of insomnia treatment in Pune. This therapy works over the course of several weeks and aims to eradicate damaging sleep habits.

Intensive sleep retraining is an effective method for treating insomnia. Before undergoing the program, the patient is not allowed to sleep for more than five hours. The next night, the person stays on the bed for thirty minute-sessions for twenty-five hours and isn’t allowed to sleep for more than three minutes. The aim is to make people aware that they can fall asleep and get rid of insomnia induced anxiety. This can also be done at home with a partner to wake the patient up after 3 minutes and a stopwatch or a timer.

Some ways of maintaining a good sleep routine include waking up at the same time each morning, no matter how late one slept at night. Eliminating alcohol, nicotine and caffeine can also help in better sleep as they can cause restlessness, awakenings while sleeping. Taking naps might seem like a great way of compensating for the lack of it during the night, but it can also lead to poor quality of night sleep. Regular exercise is an effective way of keeping fit and healthy, it does not just keep the body fit, exercising three to four hours before bedtime also contributes to healthy sleep.

Eating and drinking right, and exercising helps the body stay fit both physically as well as mentally. However, these are just precautions for insomnia, not the cure. Insomnia must be taken seriously and worked upon with therapy.

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