Do You Actually Know The Difference Between Managing And Coping With MDD?

MDD or ‘major depressive disorder’ is taking ground around the world at a much faster pace; as more and more individuals are getting affected through it. The reasons are very personalized but the results are more or less the same for all, although the degree of severity differs! 

Depression begins in anonymity and the person never actually knows and this makes it among the least diagnosed conditions. This is rather contradictory if we consider the growing extent of it in society. Best psychiatrist in Pune opines that resurrections are possible if the diagnosis is done early and the person learns to manage and cope up with his symptoms. He, however, cautions that there are certain differences between managing and coping with MDD which are as follows. 

Managing your MDD 

Top psychiatrist in Pune says that managing is actually a well defined and personalized strategy that is prepared in consultation with an expert practitioner towards reducing the ill effects of MDD in a patient’s life. It involves many dimensions such as – 

  • Medications – various dedicated medicines are offered as antidepressants that behave as mood elevators and for balancing the sleep cycles. 
  • Psychotherapy – also known as talk therapy, it helps identify the core issues that contribute to MDD in a patient’s life. By controlling these, life condition can be bettered. 
  • Electroconvulsive therapy – it involves giving electrical impulses to brain so that altered biochemistries are corrected and neurotransmitters are restored.

Coping with MDD 

Coping with MDD talks more of an informal adaption that the person needs to have towards reducing the unwarranted effects in life and living. The main components of coping with MDD include – 

  • Balancing your emotions – negative emotions sit at the helm of MDD. If you can cope with them then symptoms will be definitely relieved. 
  • Make life simple – try to live easy-going life and routine that puts less mental pressure on you. This keeps MDD triggers under control. 
  • Keep yourself busy with your hobbies – remain busy in tasks that you like and cherish. 
  • Engage in better care of yourself – take care of your nutritional needs and diets to keep stress chemicals within limits. 

Best psychiatrist in Pune says that for achieving the positive results it is essential that the person gives due attention to both ‘managing’ and ‘coping’ dimensions!

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