Know the Difference between Wanting to Die and Being Suicidal

A person who wants to die may or may not commit suicide because simply wanting to die is different from being suicidal. There lies a difference between being suicidal and wanting to die. Suiciding is ending one’s life to get rid of some tough life problems, however, wanting to die is not active suicide.

Intent to Die-

It is a strong intent of the intellect to die whenever it gets stuck into a vicious sphere of difficulties or maybe just out of nowhere. This is a continuous thought and comes in a loop whereby an individual, keeps thinking to die and such a condition is extremely distressing. People might hate to know that many of us suffer from this, furthermore one will sit with this thought for a longer duration of times and nothing much could be done to break such a loop.

Being Suicidal-

Now, being suicidal is participating in the desire to end own life – write a suicide note, formulate a plan and gather the courage to execute such a heinous task. In nutshell, it is actively wanting to die. This is such a strong feeling that nothing can put an end to this until it is interrupted by medication. 

Difference Between Being Suicidal and Wanting to Die-

Being suicidal is substantially threatening as it is actively participating in the strong urge to die whereas wanting to die is something wrong with the brain and it is constantly occupied with the thought to die but since no such action is taken, it’s passive thought of death. Well, wanting to die and being suicidal is the difference between how one communicates feelings from the brain to the soul! If thought generates and the soul doesn’t approve the idea, individual lives and the thought only survives in the intellect. However, if the soul accepts it and both find parity into each other it is dangerous. In that case, the thought is alive and the person dies!

Substantial studies have been conducted and it’s been concluded that basically these are the results of improper functioning of the brain and patient should seek appropriate medication and counselling from a therapist to break the loop of such thoughts. Psychiatrist in Pune are experts in helping individuals dealing with such a situation.

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