14 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Relationship Before & After Marriage

Communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship. Exchange of thoughts, ideas, desires, emotions including discomfort etc makes it easy to survive all levels of an association. Marriage Counsellor in Pune recommends effective communication before and after marriage to get the journey going smoothly. They also tell about the relationship goals to aim for before and after marriage.


Before Marriage-

First and foremost thing which comes even before entering into a commitment is asking yourself whether one is prepared to be in a long-term commitment. It may take time but one should wait until the answer is “yes”. Now we may proceed communication goals before marriage-

  • Emotional and mental health stability tops the charts and one must spend considerable time and effort to maintain the same.
  • All other relationships should be put to an end with mutual understanding prior to marriage.
  • Matters concerning family values including staying with or away from parents, having kids and most importantly professional goals post-marriage should be made clear.
  • Preparedness in terms of monetary levels eases down the pressure mounting post-wedding.
  • In the case of inter-caste or inter-religion marriages, a spiritual conviction is vital and how will they be dealt and the method of compromise should be mutually decided.
  • An open mind and soul is less vulnerable to most issues which erupt even after planning and mental preparation.
  • Lastly but most importantly what works is holding hands, cuddling and going on dates solves everything.

After Marriage-

Indian culture considers marriage as an unbreakable sacred bond and our parents were blessed to have maintained it. But yes, the new generation is finding it difficult to continue with such a deep-rooted legacy and end up in unresolving issues. Let’s take a look at how better communication can improve relationship goals-

  • Emotional, mental and physical health should be maintained.
  • No cheating allowed
  • No interference of extended family over couple matters.
  • Financial mutual concern and agreement.
  • Having a close friend in case of emergencies weigh a lot in looking towards life in a different perspective and hence quick fix.
  • Dedicating open head and heart for communication with the spouse.
  • Going on dates, more dates works always!!


Focusing on the relationship goals to aim for before and after marriage can make a couple of work in the same direction of living a happy and contented life together. 

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