How Teens Are At High Risk With Drugs

We are surrounded by the threat of drugs from everywhere and this situation is extremely frightening. Now drugs are affecting the lives of our youth. Effort should be made to understand the exposure of teens towards use of drugs, its after effects and cure. The Psychiatrist in Pune at the De-Addiction Centre in Pune discusses every aspect in detail and lays down several points worth reading and understanding-

  • Why teenagers are at risk?

    1. Due to the transition phase from puberty to adulthood, lots of hormonal and behavioural changes take place. Teens face identity crisis with the society and parents as well. Drugs are the easy net they fall for.

    2. Teen brain wants to understand life from their own perception, the curiosity, the need to gain freedom and find relaxation from the pressure at home and school. Moreover, they try to become people pleaser.

    3. The still developing brain of a teenager compels to behave irrationally and impulsive at times, this situation exposes teens to the much bigger threat of consuming drugs.

  • Major ill effects of drug abuse are-

    1. Memory related problems

    2. Poor performance in studies and sports

    3. Body prone to infectious diseases

    4. Relationship issues

  • Parents should not lose their calm but speak up

    1. With no judgement

    2. Fearless

    3. To your child and communicate the aftermaths of drug addiction

Psychiatrist in Pune further adds that it is advisable to reach to your child with the help of other family member, counsellor or some other trusted person rather than jumping directly or trying to deny the situation which will eventually worsen in future.

Parents should plan, talk and understand the case of the child from his point of view. They should become more compassionate and listen to the child. Also, they should remember to take proper care of themselves both physically and mentally. In case parents find the situation difficult to handle, de-Addiction Centre in Pune welcomes all with an open heart to reach out for help.

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