Get To Know The Tips To Destress

Stress could be well defined as the reaction of our body to situations which are threatening and challenging physically, emotionally and mentally. This results in injury, sickness, fear and anxiety as well. Although, it is inevitable to stay untouched with the society’s biggest evil but, yes there are some recommendations by the Best Psychiatrist in Pune we may choose to follow. According to the Psychiatrist Doctor in Pune

  • One should find some me time to take proper care of oneself

  • Discipline is the key to success and peace in life

  • Scheduling of activities is of prime importance

  • Value time

  • Accomplishing one task at a time will generate peace to mind and soul

  • Find time to pursue your hobbies

  • Learn to delegate work instead to micromanage everything

  • Focus to set perfect boundaries of working and resting hours

  • Mending way to finish a task will help more than regretting the ordeal

  • Pre plan and pack up things one night before to avoid hustle in the morning

  • Communicate wholly instead of guessing and reading minds

  • Avoid over thinking and creating extra drama. Hold on and breathe

  • A precise to-do list is a gift, never ignore that

  • Staying offline on a weekend helps

  • Say no to laziness

  • Meals to be consumed slowly

  • Design a distraction free work zone

  • Declutter work and living space

  • Keep stuff organized as a habit

  • Avoid information overflow

  • Restrict internet time

  • Try to live in present than in the past

  • Seeking helping hand from a loved one can be very helpful

  • Speak your heart out to feel relieved

  • Expand your vision

  • Work for the present not worry

  • Let loose

  • Eat, sleep and repeat

  • Prioritize life calls

  • Perfection is not the goal

  • Simplicity in living

  • Surround yourself with friends and loved ones at regular interval of time.

  • Extend help to the needy

You might feel there are lot of things to follow but start from little things, bring them in your daily routine and then add new habits in your life one by one. Gradually, you will see big difference in your life.

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